for the February 2012 Stride into Health Newsletter

BARBARA (of Stride into Health): It always amazes me when I go to your website how much great, extensive and well researched information I can find. I think it would be interesting for our readers to know what made you become a biochemist, natural therapist, author and researcher in the first place?

WALTER: I was always interested in the chemistry of Life and how it relates to Health but gradually became disillusioned with the direction of conventional medical research. Eventually I found books on Nature Cure and realised that drug-medicine is not only useless for real health improvement but actually the cause of most of our diseases. This then prompted me to experiment a lot on myself to find a better way, and to widely share my discoveries and insights. I am still learning new things all the time.

BARBARA: You have very impressive credentials, having worked in the fields of toxicology, biochemical research and as a forensic investigator. Can you tell us a little in regard to what you have learned about health and disease during those times?

WALTER: I have not learned anything useful about health and disease while working in the conventional system, but my understanding of biochemistry and my experience as a researcher have given me valuable tools to critically evaluate natural healing methods, and to see through the ineptness and deception in conventional medical research and propaganda.

BARBARA: It seems that there are so many more sick people today than there have ever been. What do you think are the most likely reasons why our general population is getting sicker?

WALTER: Many of our modern diseases first appeared in the late 19th century with the increasing chemicalisation of medicine and life in general. Some main contributors were the introduction of tap water chlorination, milk pasteurisation, and the use of mercury in dentistry and vaccines. But the widespread use of antibiotics after WW2 added a whole new dimension to the incidence of chronic diseases. These tend to kill beneficial intestinal bacteria and allow Candida and fungus-related mycoplasma to take over. In my article Pleomorphic Microbes I show that these are the root cause of the present epidemic of chronic diseases, including allergies, chronic fatigue, depression, hyperactivity, autism, autoimmune diseases and cancer. I now call these 'myco-diseases' - the prefix 'myco-' means 'fungus-related'. Presently many or most babies inherit Candida and mycoplasmas already at birth from their mother, and combined with mercury, fluoride, and other chemicals that is a health disaster.

BARBARA: Do you believe that most diseases have only one cause or multiple causes?

WALTER: There are commonly multiple causes that make an organ susceptible, usually it is a combination of genetics, nutrition, emotions, energies (as in acupuncture meridians) and microbes. Microbes predominantly attack the weakest organ and this then becomes the seat of the cancer or autoimmune disease. My article Kerosene - A Universal Healer shows how easy it can be to overcome or stop cancer and autoimmune diseases by cleaning the blood. But that does not mean that full health has been restored. If, for instance, the cancer had been triggered by an emotional shock, then this will have to be resolved or the cancer may come back, or another health problem may develop instead. Eliminating pleomorphic microbes will stop an autoimmune attack but then good nutrition is required to repair damaged joints in rheumatoid arthritis, or to replenish the decimated insulin-producing cells in type 1 diabetes or the dopamine-producing cells in Parkinson's disease.

BARBARA: How are 'Pleomorphic Microbes' different from other detrimental microbes and can we use the same strategy to kill them off?

WALTER: 'Pleomorphic' means that these microbes exist in different forms, commonly as spores, mycoplasmas without cell walls, and also different bacterial and fungal forms. Which form becomes dominant depends on the quality and vitality of the milieu and the strength of the immune system. The more unhealthy we become, the more the higher bacterial and fungal forms take over. We can best observe this in the blood, but the same process is likely to take place in the intestines and other affected organs. Most natural anti-microbials will be able to control most of these microbes but the effectiveness will depend very much on using an appropriate dose and sufficient time for the strength of the infection or infestation.

BARBARA: There are so many different remedies available for cleaning the blood and digestive tract of bad microbes. It can be confusing to know which remedy to use. Can you give us your thought on that?

WALTER: In The Ultimate Cleanse I have described a number of suitable remedies with some general recommendations on how to use them. It is best to acquire several of them and start experimenting to see what is most suitable for our specific condition and preferences. Also, some remedies may be more effective against certain microbial strains than others. Therefore it works best to try different remedies in varying concentrations, and also alternate or combine them with other remedies. There are no fixed rules, one just needs to experiment and observe, or do what feels right. One also needs to be aware that overgrowth of the intestinal tract with Candida may require a long-term maintenance program, especially once the diet is relaxed and more fruit and cereals are again being used.

BARBARA: Your latest research brought back the age old healing knowledge of Kero and Turps. What made you look into this, how did this research come about?

WALTER: About 30 years ago I became aware of reports from Germany about the amazing effectiveness of kerosene in cancer treatment. So I started experimenting with it myself and writing about it. But in response to this increasing publicity all the kerosene in supermarkets was suddenly coloured blue, and I did not know if that was still safe to use or what else to replace it with. There just was no information available. Recently a friend sent me a scanned file with testimonials as published in a conservative German magazine. This rekindled my interest, and I started researching, which is now so much easier than 30 years ago.

BARBARA: Unfortunately, too often our taste buds are distorted by our commercialised western diet. What advice would you give to somebody starting out on a health regime, but finds it almost impossible to adhere to a mostly raw food diet, important lifestyle changes, and taking those awful tasting concoctions?

WALTER: Unless one is suddenly faced with a life-threatening conditions, change should happen gradually. Think of major change in terms of years rather than months, and with an overall commitment for a lifetime. I remember when I first added a teaspoon of kelp powder to my food. It tasted awful. But then starting again with a tiny amount and gradually increasing it, after 3 weeks I did not taste a teaspoonful anymore. When drinking an awful tasting concoction I may gulp it down in one lot and then, before breathing again, drink something pleasant tasting. While not breathing one usually does not taste much.

Someone starting with health improvement would not immediately adopt a mostly raw food diet, it may take years to come to this step. Nevertheless, even many raw foods can taste surprisingly pleasant, and there are various raw food recipe books available. There is nothing more effective to improve health and at the same time lose weight than a raw-food diet, even if it is used only periodically. Usually it is easiest to live raw in summer and switch to cooked food in winter, or to eat raw during the daytime and cook some veggies in the evening.

BARBARA: Why do some people get bad reactions when they try to do the 'right thing' and improve their diet?

WALTER: Initially, as we improve our nutrition and lifestyle, we tend to feel better. But at a certain stage, especially if using more raw or live food, the body feels strong enough to start cleaning out the rubbish that has accumulated over a lifetime. This tends to cause unpleasant reactions, such as diarrhoea, intestinal problems, headaches and inflammations. These reactions are caused by toxins, stored away inside cells, that are now activated and temporarily circulate in the blood. When they are released by the liver they irritate the intestines, and that causes the diarrhoea to quickly flush them out of the body. I have not found a way around this problem.

We can usually stop the cleansing by eating mostly cooked food. But basically we have the choice to endure periodic cleansing reactions and overall move towards better health, or to keep accumulating wastes and toxins and eventually endure the problems of a degenerative disease. This is also a basic difference between drug medicine and natural medicine. Drug medicine aims at suppressing healing reactions while natural medicine encourages them. I have written more about this in the Healing Crisis.

BARBARA: What are the main and most important health lessons that you have learned so far and can pass on to our readers?

WALTER: Diseases are unnatural and a consequence of unnatural living conditions. Therefore, diseases can be avoided or overcome by living more naturally on all levels. This also automatically rejuvenates our body. Three basic methods to reverse the damage caused by unnatural living are:

1.     Eliminating microbial problems and strengthening the immune system - see The Ultimate Cleanse

2.     Removing metabolic wastes with periodic raw-food cleansing - see the Basic Cleanse

3.     Emotional healing and mind therapies such as meditation and guided imagery - see Mind Tools.

To adopt a good diet see HEALING FOODS, and for a comprehensive manual see my e-book HEAL YOURSELF - THE NATURAL WAY.

BARBARA: Is there something else that you would like to share with us?

WALTER: Yes, I like to draw your attention to the still increasing suppression of natural medicine and freedom of choice in healthcare. This is as intense as the suppression of religious or racial minorities has ever been. The medical-pharmaceutical system has now an absolute monopoly over the health resources in western countries. With this they have become by far the biggest and most profitable industry. They totally control hospitals, diagnostic laboratories and medical university facilities which are paid for by all of us, and the majority of health consumers actually want more natural therapies.

However, what the majority wants does not matter because the medical drug industry not only controls the mass media, but also the governments. This is so because the experts that advise governments and run the health agencies are representatives of the medical drug industry. In 1987, a US federal court actually found the AMA guilty of seeking to create a healthcare monopoly by systematically defaming practitioners of natural medicine, spreading propaganda to destroy their reputation, denying them access to hospitals, and more. The suppression has become even more vicious since then, especially with the introduction of the new Codex regulations in most countries which greatly restrict the availability of health supplements and make them instead a part of the pharmaceutical industry.

I would not be surprised if, following the example of the Arab spring and the Occupy Wall Street Movement, we were to witness an uprising of health consumers demanding freedom of choice and equal rights for natural medicine.