Products and Help in Australia (and NZ)

This is a partial list of sources for various products and services that I found useful.

ALLERGY -for an effective self-help e-book as well as a hairallergy test see

BIO PAINTS, non-toxic from Bio Products Australia,


CANCER SUPPORT: An excellent newsletter (6/year) is produced by the Sydney-based Cancer Information & Support Society (CISS) In Melbourne is the Cancer and Natural Therapy Foundation of Australia, Gawler Foundation is also near Melbourne; Cansurvive is at the Sunshine Coast (Qld),; The Petrea King Quest for Life Centre The Cancer Support Association of Western Australia has a newsletter and a large informative website at

CANCER CD: Self Hypnosis Cancer CD for boosting the immune system and releasing repressed emotions, see

COLLOIDAL SILVER: For high-voltage colloidal silver (more colloids, less ionic silver) see . For 9V generators see

GRAIN MILLS and juicers from L.B. Healing Products, or

HARALD TIETZE: Health information, urine therapy, Kambucha, water activator, books,

HEAL YOURSELF Series of Books on arthritis, asthma, cancer, Candida, diabetes, health improvement, and weight control see

HERBS: Austral Herbs,, also Phytofoods

HULDA CLARK PARASITE REMEDY and other Hulda Clark products, also a wide range of supplements, juicers, water ionisers, colon cleanse/enema kits, Inner Glow Health Products,

INSECTICIDES: Donít Waste promote healthy Insecticides and Insect deterrents, Body Protection kits, and Magnesium Chloride as well as Ra products,

JUICERS: LB Healing Products, or; To Health By Choice,, and Vitality 4 Life,

KEFIR Ė excellent information and supply of kefir grains from

LES DYER: Spiritual healer and counsellor, workshops, retreats, channelled readings, spiritual healing and transformational counselling. See,

LYMPHACISER and Body Energiser: RH48, the best,

MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE and MAGNESIUM OIL from or Miracle Mineral Solution from

MAGNETS: AMF Magnetics at

MAGNETIC PULSER:Klemens Health Care Products, (super-pulser up to 10 pulses per second); also see below under ZAPPERS AND PULSERS.

MAORI - PACIFIC ISLANDERS: see The Gift of Mamaku at

NEXUS MAGAZINE: Cutting Edge Information on natural health developments, free energy research, future science, government lies and cover-ups. Also alternative books and videos. Mapleton Qld,

ORGANIC NZ organic and sustainable living magazine at

PROBIOTICS: For a variety of lactic acid fermented products see; also see for kefir information.

RA BODY & MIND CENTRE offers a range of Minerals, Oils, Herbs and treatments to complement your life. Airlie Beach, Qld,

SPECIAL HEALTH PRODUCTS: Colostrum, Copper salicylate, Gorgeous Greens, Lipase, Lugolís iodine/, MMS, MSM, N-Acetyl Cysteine, L-Carnitine, N-Acetyl Glucosamine, Olive Leaf Extract from or Miracle Mineral Solution from

SUPPLEMENTS: For a wide range of cheap but high-quality nutritional products and remedies see

TANTRA: From Sex to Love and Beyond


VACCINATION INFORMATION: Make an informed choice, see

WATER DISTILLERS: Major supplier of Pure Water Distillers, Juicers and Shower Filters.  Brands such as: Pure Magic, Polar Bear, Genie, Water Wizard, Samson, Hippocrates, Green Star, Galaxy, Oscar.  Water Distillers Australia

WATER IONIZERS to produce alkaline water with a high antioxidant (ORP) potential,

WATER QUALITY TESTING: Milwaukee Meters have a wide range of meters to measure pH, ORP (oxidation-reduction potential), TDS (total dissolved solids) oxygen and others,











ent or Miracle Mineral Solution from