This Review by Ruth Parnell appeared in NEXUS Magazine, vol. 11, no. 4, June-July 2004, website




65 Ways to Create Superior Health
by Walter Last

Hampton Roads, USA, 2004 ISBN 1 -57174-318-9 (481 pp tpb)
Australia—Brumby Books, tel (03) 9761 5535;

NZ—Peaceful Living, tel (09) 921 6222;

USA—Hampton Roads Publishing,

Retired biochemist and nutritionist Walter Last reflects his holistic approach to health in his new book, The
Natural Way to Heal. The 65 steps to superior health he outlines are covered under 10 headings, ranging from rebuilding biological health through to emotional and mental health and into the spiritual. To follow the spiritual path—our real purpose—means we need to work on all these other levels, too.

So that means cleansing the body of toxic build-up and metabolic wastes, minimizing harmful factors in our lives, having good nutrition, getting exercise and building up our life-force energies. Better emotional, mental and spiritual health tend to be the result of attending to these physical necessities, and the steps that Last outlines are accessible and practical. They're designed to encourage you, not make you feel daunted, in your quest for better health. They're also based on his broad experience spanning 30 years as a clinical practitioner. (See his article on cancer in this issue.)


There's good advice on correcting acid-alkali balance, drinking living water, choosing amongst natural healing methods including reflexology, acupuncture and urine therapy, and finding the correct nutritional supplements whether vitamins and digestive enzymes or herbs and homoeopathic remedies. Last points out general dietary rules as well as special healing foods and the problem foods to avoid. He gives self-care tips on dealing with specific health problems, including cancer and cardiovascular disease, and avoiding harmful electromagnetic radiation. He also describes how to sense subtle bioenergies and use these for self-healing.


The role of emotions and thoughts in disease and health are important, and Last helps us understand the connections and harness the power of love and the subconscious mind in our quest for healing. He caps it off with a section on making the spiritual dimension of life second nature. This is a comprehensive, practical self-help manual.