Part 1: The Universe

Walter Last

This article series is based on the Book EXISTENCE – CONSCIOUSNESS by Gabor Paul Sztelek (1).

In the Beginning

The Book describes how it all began as related by the Supreme Consciousness of our Universe.

In the beginning nothing but the vast Unmanifested Infinite (UI) existed. The UI was basically a vast expanse of sleeping, dreaming or meditating consciousness. There, time as we know it, did not exist. At one stage the UI felt an urge to explore itself to get a better understanding of what it was and what it could do.

Different cosmic systems have different timelines. According to our own timeline this awakening happened about 73 billion years ago. The UI started to manifest by separating itself into two opposite poles of consciousness, an active pole and a passive pole. As consciousness is also a form of energy there was now a pole of active energy consciousness with yang or male characteristics and a pole of passive energy consciousness with yin or female characteristics. Together both poles may be called the Supreme Godhead or just Godhead.

In The Book the yang-type supreme consciousness is called Father God but the yin pole instead of Mother God is called Holy Spirit. Father God as the active part makes the decisions of what is to be done and how to do it while the Holy Spirit radiates an energy that makes it possible to build more complicated structures from this uniform energy radiation. If more scientific sounding names are required then one could use the terms Supreme Consciousness, Active Supreme Consciousness and Passive Supreme Consciousness.

Some religions (e.g. Hinduism Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) believe that the Supreme Divine Being is omniscient, knowing everything, but the (active part of the) Godhead said there is no omniscience. He described the first form of energy that He was aware of as the will, saying that the creative will is at first which imagines Me, and to the question if the will has an origin He answered that He does not know.

There is something else that He does not know. To the question if there are other Universes besides His own He also answered that He does not know. He had wondered about this Himself and listened, but never received any signals or evidence of other wills from outside His own Universe.

You may be wondering where the Godhead resides. It is spread out all over the All and in the Universe, which is the manifested body of the Godhead. Humans, animals, plants and rocks are all part of God’s body. The All, or All That Is, contains beside the Universe also the consciousness of the Godhead and any other spiritual overlay. So God can communicate directly from any place. However, the consciousness of the Godhead seems to be spreading out from the centre of the universe. When creating a new world, He may temporarily contract a regional part of His energy around the site of creation to have a stronger energy field there.

Uniform Matter Particles

The Godhead realised that the only interesting thing to do for which He did not already know the outcome was to create matter structures, and even to give higher structures a degree of free will. Uniform Matter Particles (UM) were created by compressing the energy radiation of the Holy Spirit through vortex action. A very large amount of energy was required to produce each UM.

To build structures from the UM, six of these were placed in the centre or nucleus and surrounded by 6 UM in the shell. All of these UM were not only spinning but also rotating at very high speeds, the UM in the nucleus moving in opposite directions to those in the shell. This structure was called a Resting or Saturated Electron and is used as an atomic building block.

By losing at first UM particles from the shell, and then from the nucleus, a wide variety of physical and non-physical matter comes into existence. After losing one shell UM we have the Electro-active Electron that causes electrical phenomena.

After losing 2 UM we get a Graviton and when losing 3 UM we have a Photon. The graviton accumulates in physical matter and is also part of etheric matter; the scientific name of this is dark matter and it causes the wheel-like rotation of galaxies. The inflow of graviton-rich etheric matter into stellar objects causes gravitation. The ether is the medium through which the photon travels like a ship through the water. Graviton waves have been detected from the collision of black holes. The graviton is also related to magnetic phenomena.

With only 2 UM in the shell we have the Jomaidon which is the life-force energy emitted by the Holy Spirit. This converts dead matter as in inanimate objects into living matter as in plants and animals. When entering the body it is converted into Od as part of the higher spectrum of bioenergies, the energy of information and organisation. We receive it mainly during sleep to recharge our body batteries, or intentionally during meditation and other energy techniques. 

The Meson consists of 6 UM in the nucleus and 1 UM in the shell. If it is bound to 1 saturated electron then we have a stable #1 Proton with 7 shell particles. The saturated electron is electro-neutral, but when losing a shell UM it becomes negatively charged. However, if acquiring an additional shell UM as in a proton, it then has a positive charge, regardless of the number of UM in the nucleus. With 8 shell particles it becomes a # 2 proton, which is more energetic and unstable. If a meson binds 2 saturated electrons then we have a #1 Neutron.

The moment of inertia, which is indicative of the mass of the proton or neutron, is created by the orbital rotation of the shell UM. With more UM shell particles the speed of rotation is lower, while with fewer shell UM the orbital speed is higher. This faster rotation results in a higher vibrational frequency and a greater moment of inertia.

The Positron has 0 UM in its shell and 6 UM in the nucleus. If it collides with a resting electron both particles share their shell UM so that they become 2 photons. each with 3 shell UM. Particles with less shell UM than the photon can travel faster than the speed of light. The fastest matter is the UM itself which, as a component of gamma radiation, can travel 18,000 times faster than a photon.

The succession of losing UM causes the direction of power to alternate. The resting electron has no power direction. The electromotive electron pulls apart, while the graviton pulls together. The photon pulls apart, while the jomaidon pulls together, and so forth.

The electrons in the electron cloud around a nucleus are all in one layer, not many-layered as assumed in science. The misleading appearance of many layers is due to the formation of groups by the rotating electrons.

The raw energy from which the Universe was built is 17 billion years old, while the first UM particles were created 16 billion years ago. Initially, the concentration of UM was very high in a relatively small area and rapidly spreading outwards. This is what our science calls the Big Bang.

The Universe is much smaller than it appears because it is curved within itself. A strong enough light-beam would eventually return to where it started from. The speed of light is uniform in the whole Universe.

It is interesting that two theosophic clairvoyants, Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater, in the early 1900’s discovered the nucleus of a hydrogen atom to consist of 18 sub-units arranged in different groups (2). Initially they called these sub-units “ultimate physical atom” and later “Anu”, a Sanskrit word with the same meaning. This basically agrees with the information about the UM structures, assuming that there are three nuclei present, each with 6 UM, although the nucleus of one of the electrons is in the shell, or its rotation forms the shell.

The Creating Sons

After the Universe started rapidly expanding the Godhead had difficulty coping and needed some help. Through interaction between the male pole of God and the Holy Spirit six Creating Sons eventually came into existence. The definition of a God is an entity that can create new worlds such as a solar system or groups of stars.

Initially the Godhead created masses of stars, including enormous suns, and the Universe was populated with gigantic playful intergalactic energy beings. Later their size and playfulness were greatly reduced because they presented insurmountable obstacles for the Creating Sons.

We can understand the need for help by comparing the growing Universe with a fast growing corporation. In the beginning the founder can do and supervise all himself, but as the company grows he needs to divide it into departments and appoint department heads. So it was with forming the Universe. However, these Sons were not like outsiders, they were part of the Supreme Godhead and existed within it just like organs in a body, but they were also like department heads with their own personalities. These secondary Gods have great freedom to experiment with new structures and life forms in order to find the most suitable conditions for the evolution of consciousness, although they need to work within a set of rules devised by the Godhead.

The First Creating Son was Jele. He aggregated matter and energy to fill the space by creating most of the stars, comets and space debris, and He also controls their movements, collisions and groupings. Jehova said that He can ask Jele about probable stellar impacts or gas clouds that may affect His inhabited planets, and can also ask Him to wipe a planetary surface clean.

Then Jolamda came into existence as the Second Creating Son. In His Empire there is no sunlight. His creatures are mostly energy beings without matter, and use interplanetary energy for their existence. There are giant entities which can visit Earth. They may also live on giant dark planets outside the Milky Way. Jolamda is presently dying and may incarnate again in perhaps 2 Million years. He has trained a successor (Jelem), but nevertheless, His demise creates great instability not only in his own empire but also for his Brothers, and may from time to time diminish our Earth energies.

Jelenek is the Third Creating Son. His creatures generally have only a remote sun and need to generate most of their energy by themselves in addition to energy radiated by their Creator. They are known to us as the Greys, 1.5 metres tall. They are frequent visitors to Earth for observation. Jelenek created most plants and animals on Earth.

Jelim is the Fourth Son. His solar systems and planets are similar to our own. He created plants and animals on Earth, and a very long time ago even humans. His creatures are similar to Europeans, but with round black eyes and olive-brown or bluish skin.

Jelenik (also Jelenih or Jelenich), the Fifth Creating Son, has the most advanced empire with highly evolved beings and cultures. They are present in all parts of the All. They are generally caring and helping, also in regard to us, and they do not interfere with free will. Jelenik created some animals on Earth and even humans whose culture was wiped out a long time ago by cosmic impacts. They were generally 3-4 m tall.


Jehovah is the Sixth Creating Son and by far the youngest, created as a God only about 650,000 years ago by the Godhead and His Brothers. Before that he existed as a soul for about 3.5 billion years, mostly on Earth. His first incarnation was on Earth for 1,900 years among the nomadic remnants of humans created by His Brother Jelenik. Originally they had been 4m tall but degenerated to a smaller size after a fire-flood impact catastrophe pushed the orbit of Earth closer to the sun. In his next incarnation only few of these nomads were still in existence.

In His third incarnation He became a Creating God. Before He incarnated on Earth for about 5,000 years He moved as a spirit over the waters and perceived the Earth to be covered in darkness. He used the sight of His third eye to find His way around. After some time He realised that He needed to use His will to see properly, and then there was light. 

He was all alone because the remnants of the previous creation by Jelenik had by then died out. The surface of the Earth was covered with the carcases of gigantic animals which caused him great distress. They were gradually being covered up by layers of sand and rock. Because of unbearable boredom he kept praying to Father God for companionship. Initially He was given a mirror image of Himself which did not help, but eventually He was told to create His own companionship and He was given the means to do so by His Father and Brothers.

He first created the Homoludens which took him about 150 years. He did this by putting together code-signals from the universal field of consciousness from other related life forms for a planned breeding procedure. The Homoludens were very kind and likeable individuals, but they lacked sufficient natural aggressiveness to care for themselves and progress. Jehovah had to provide for all their needs. They were not capable of higher evolution.

Therefore, reluctantly and with great sorrow, after 100,000 years he destroyed their thriving culture, and only scattered groups of individuals remained. As his next project he constructed Homo sapiens 550,000 years ago, but more about this later. Until He started creating by Himself He was not allowed to leave the Earth, but afterwards He could travel freely through the Universe to study the creations of His Brothers.

Jehovah described the process of creation like this: You imagine a process from beginning to end, the total progression, from ants to elephants. You picture all the possibilities that might occur to them, everything. When you have completed this part, you take some of your own energy and decide on the location where you want to place it. You put yourself into the world that was visualised by you.

He also said that if he needs to repopulate a planet because of a stellar impact catastrophe where almost all inhabitants lost their bodies then he conceives souls into bodies that are selected as specialists who are able to recover the knowledge which earlier was successful on this planet. At a repopulation there is a need for garbage men as much as for system organizers. Nevertheless, it usually takes very many lifetimes before there are individuals sufficiently advanced to retrieve the lost knowledge from the akashic record or higher channelling.

The Empires

All the Creating Sons draw energy for their creations from the Godhead of which they are a part. The empires of the Creating Sons are not divided by space like pieces of cake, but rather like the different layers of a cake. The Brothers create in different energy layers. Jele may have created a stellar object, Jolamda its energy beings, and other Brothers created plants, animals and humans or humanoids, but each one can also create all of these.

Each one is responsible for maintaining and evolving His own creation but cannot interfere with those of His Brothers. Jehovah said that he can destroy any entity created by Him, but not one created by a Brother or by a powerful negative entity, even if it greatly disturbs and annoys Him.

All Creators emit intelligent energies which tie them together with their creations. Normally the energies and presence of the Creating Sons are spread out all over the Universe, but when creating a new world they temporarily contract so that no local contact with channelling is possible. Jehovah still creates mainly in our own galaxy because His energies are not yet sufficiently spread out. If one of His older Brothers would visit Jehovah’s empire it would instantly collapse because all of the energy would be sucked out of it.

The Brothers exist in different energy layers so that they do not normally meet or communicate with each other. Only their Father can instantly communicate with all of them because they are all within Him, and He may transmit messages between His Sons. But Jehovah also said that if he wants to reach a Brother directly He listens for any signals from Him and then sends out a mental message in that direction. If the Sons ever ceased creating new worlds then the Universe would start contracting and eventually return to its beginnings.

The Origin of Planet Earth

The star from which the Earth originated was born 15 billion years ago. It died when Jele blew it up several billion years later. The explosion caused the Earth to be torn out as an irregular shaped block which then wandered through the Universe for about 8 billion years. During this time it had many collisions with other space objects which rounded off its shape and melted the magma inside. Shortly before being captured by our solar system it had a head-on collision with an ice block so that it arrived as a steaming wet planet.

A history like that of Earth is extremely rare in the Universe and probably has been carefully orchestrated. It was said that Earth was specifically created for Jehovah and it is one of the most beautiful and resource-rich planets in existence. That is one of the reasons why there are many alien races who would like to control it.

Earth joined the solar system 570 million years ago. Initially it had a very wide elliptical orbit which gradually contracted to its present position. During this time it often had a moon and at one time even three. These moons were lost again though close encounters with other space objects.

Our present moon was originally a planet orbiting the sun (Rudolf Steiner called it “The old Earth”). It was pushed into the orbit of Earth only 1 million years ago by a stellar collision. Originally it was spinning freely around its axis. Its present synchronisation in facing Earth always with the same side was initiated only 700 years ago by travellers frequently visiting from the Pleiades who are interested in minerals and water. They are like our Nordic types, tall, white-skinned, blue eyed and with reddish blond hair. They interbreed with Earth humans but do not carry out experiments with us. The rotation of the moon is synchronised by placing a device inside which interacts automatically with the streams of direct current energy running in the Universe. 


After creating Homo sapiens, Jehovah felt rather bad about his creative efforts so far. The Homoludens were too placid, and He apparently overdid it with Homo sapiens who turned out to be rather aggressive and warlike which slowed down their spiritual evolution or growth of consciousness. So with His next creation He took a middle road. That was when He created the humanity on Mirrorland, starting 712 years after He had begun creating Homo sapiens.

Astronomically Mirrorland is called Scorpion 18 and is said to be a twin of our own sun ( Its distance from Earth is about 46 light years. There are two races, an Asian type and a European type. This civilisation is much further evolved than Earth humanity, culturally, socially and technologically. Partly the greater speed of development is due to their more peaceful nature and partly because they did not have such devastating stellar impacts as humanity experienced on Earth.

They often visit Earth with astral travel to observe and learn from scientific and technological discoveries and innovations. They know much more about the history of the Earth, its civilisations and catastrophes than our scientists. The length of a day or a year is shorter than on Earth.

Paul had frequent contact with Mirrorland by sending the astral body of the hypnotised medium to a contact in Mirrorland, a young woman called Axel. There the medium was able to form a temporary body with local matter and talk to Axel. She relayed questions that Paul asked through her hypnotised body to Axel and reported back the answers which were then stored on tapes.

Axel’s teacher was Ta professor, his bed was a wooden frame covered tightly with canvas. In his room was a Buddha statue in the usual pose. Light emanated from a neon-like lighting body on the edge of the mirrored glass, spreading soft light. There was a wall-screen with three dimensional pictures. Children learn higher yoga techniques, astral projection and adopting different shapes already at school. Unlike us, they can remember the knowledge acquired in previous lives which allows a much faster spiritual evolution of the individual.

The Mirrorland architecture is spherical and pointed, and at most two stories high. Everything has some practicality. The buildings are maximal two stories high. In autumn it is rather rainy, but in winter there is a snowy part of the planet. All living necessities are free, including daily food which arrives through a tube system directly into the kitchen.

Public transport is built in levels, subway under the cities; beneath this is the radial underground railway. Cities are connected by railway on air-cushion. On the surface are only small vehicles. They don't have ambulance vehicles; instead they use light-tunnels. A body placed in one is taken to the destination by light. This is the fastest and is said to work with the speed of light. Most of their energy seems to be produced by cold fusion helium reactors.

 Airplanes, as on Earth, are already non-existent. Instead they have spaceships that lift off with three intersecting graviton beams projected above or in front of them. When generating gravitons single UM particles accumulate which are collected to produce a planetary shield against impacts of space debris and stellar objects. This shield deflects all objects bigger than about 4 x 4 cm. This is what our science would need to focus on to prevent expected future impacts on Earth.

To produce this antigravity effect a high concentration of UM around the planet could cause approaching gravitons to take up additional UM and become saturated electrons. In addition, UM have the property to disperse and distribute evenly in space. It generates a stream of movement taking any matter structures along with it. This may be how the dark energy of science functions which accelerates the observed expansion of the Universe. Because of continuous creation of UM their concentration is highest at the centre of the Universe and flows outwards to its edges, taking cosmic objects along and allowing the Creating Sons to produce more of such objects.

The Phaeton Saga

Planet Phaeton (also spelled Pheton or Feton) supposedly orbited between Mars and Jupiter. Its destruction is assumed to have created the belt of asteroids presently in this place. According to Jehovah Phaeton was created by Jelenik, the Fifth Creating Son, its human inhabitants were highly advanced.

They sensed impending danger when our solar system was approaching a pile of space debris made up of many big and small objects. For the purpose of saving their biological genetic stock for later reincarnation they transferred about 400 of their people to an artificial planet. The others who were left behind tried to clear the path of their planet but did not succeed and the planet disintegrated. Other planets were also hit, including Earth. This was the last great catastrophe for us and wiped out the existing culture. It happened about 51,000 years ago. 

The evacuated Phaetonians orbited the sun in their artificial planet under favourable living conditions. They regarded our Earth as the only suitable life-sphere in our solar system. However, they could not establish a permanent settlement because the gravitation on Earth was excessive for them, twice as much as on Phaeton. Also they could not adapt their bodies permanently to the composition of our air. They were 3 to 4 meters tall with a lifespan of about one thousand years.

Their main goal was to produce suitable bodies into which they could incarnate on Earth. Because of the different energy structure of their bodies they could not simply incarnate into Homo sapiens bodies. With their advanced gene technology they experimented a long time to interbreed with Homo sapiens individuals, but could only sire half-breed Nephilim who were unable to breed further. “Nephilim” means “Giants”. The Nephilim had huge bodies, very long lives, and much greater abilities than the Homo sapiens. 

Initially the Nephilim were used to work in agriculture and in goldmines. Apparently the Phaetonians needed gold as radiation shield for their spacecraft. But after some time the Nephilim revolted and the Phaetonians created instead a stock of earthly slaves from remnants of the Homoludens for this work.

They even experimented with mixing animals and Homoludens by gene-technology. As a result various misshapen creatures multiplied on Earth. This made Jehovah very angry and he sent repeated pests to these creatures. According to the Edgar Cayce readings humans with animal features and appendixes were common in ancient Egypt and treated at the Temple Beautiful to remove such animal features.

Now the Nephilim were used by the Phaetonians as their earthly personnel, especially as rulers and teachers of arts and crafts. When Nephilim died the Phaetonians simply sired new ones with Homo sapiens women. The Phaetonian culture had its centre in the Nile Delta and Mesopotamia but spread out all over the world, especially to the Americas and the Far East. They established many great cultural centres and provided large amounts of knowledge about tool-making, jewellery, healing as well as Hermetic and Magical Knowledge.

Most of these cultural centres were later destroyed in the biblical floods and much of this knowledge deteriorated again. The Nephilim spoke the Phaetonian language which was also spoken in these cultural centres. This language was used all over the Earth. After the demise of the Phaetonians and their servants this language was forgotten and only traces remain in some place names and roots of present languages. 

Then, 5,500 years ago the Phaetonian artificial planet finally and permanently left our solar system. Because of the advanced nature of their souls Jehovah offered the Phaetonians the chance to reincarnate on Earth into Homo sapiens bodies.

The Phaeton saga also lets us understand some of the ancient writings and mythologies. The Phaetonians were believed to be gods by the population of Earth. In Genesis 6:1–4 we read that the Nephilim were the offspring of sexual relationships between the sons of God and daughters of men.

In Sumerian mythology, “Igigi” referred to a group of gods, similar to the Hebrew term Elohim. Igigi was generally synonymous with the term "Annunaki" or “Anunnaki”. Annunaki is derived from Anu, the supreme Sumerian God, and leader or father of the Annunaki. 

In one myth the Igigi were described as the younger gods who were servants of the Annunaki until they rebelled and were replaced by the creation of human workers ( This is exactly what the Phaetonians did. Therefore I conclude from this that the Phaetonians were the Annunaki of Mesopotamian mythology and the Nephilim were their servants.

Another clue is from the Book of Enoch ( where 200 “fallen angels” came down to Earth and had intercourse with the daughters of men; this then created the Nephilim. The number of Phaetonian males on their artificial planet would have been about 200.

Just like the Phaetonians the fallen angels in the Book of Enoch gave vast knowledge to the Homo sapiens. They taught them to produce and use metals to make swords and knives, shields and breastplates, bracelets and ornaments, also tinctures and root-cuttings, and they taught enchantments, astrology, the constellations, and much more.

The Phaetonian influence also lets us understand the Olmec culture in Mexico ( The main features of this culture were gigantic basalt heads, mostly with helmets and strong African, Asian and European features. This has led to speculation of sea journeys by these races reaching Mexico. However, there is no other indication of such overseas arrivals and everything is much better explained by assuming that this was one of the many Phaetonian cultural centres. Otherwise it would be difficult to understand how an advanced culture could suddenly spring up from nothing.

The Olmec are said to be the first civilization in the Western Hemisphere to develop writing, they developed the concept of zero, a Long Count calendar, advanced art work, including working with basalt, and more. However, I believe that the giant Olmec heads do not depict the Phaetonians but rather their offspring, the Nephilim, who were the rulers, teachers and artists of this society. Further, the giant heads were probably created before the biblical flood 19,400 years ago which destroyed most of the Phaetonian cultural centres, and the Olmec culture known today sprang up around these heads and other items that survived the flood.

Time and the Multivariable Space Structure

The concept of a multivariable space structure is difficult to understand, but it is fundamental to the functioning and evolution of the Universe, and it is also the basis of time. Here is an outline of this concept.

In the beginning there was only the one time variable Unmanifested Infinite. It existed, but nothing happened, there was no time. When the Godhead awoke and divided there came into existence the uniform energy and the uniform matter. This is the two times variable All with its intelligent applied energy.

Three times variable matter structures are timeless, they do not age. The four times variable matter has the time added and that is what our physical body is composed of. The astral body is five times variable, the mental body six times and our incarnated soul seven times variable.

Up to 8 times variable the matter of the bodies is composed of degraded or mutilated electrons. At higher variables there are only the uniform matter particles, and the differences between variables are caused by their different density.

To make it even more complicated each additional variable is not composed of the previous variables plus an additional one, rather all the lower variables change as well in a non-specified manner. All the different structures, such as the four times, five times, six times variables and so forth sit nested into each other.

The Godhead has the greatest number of variable structures from 2 to 24. The Creating Sons have a structure that is 6-16 times variable, therefore they overlap with the human 4-7 times variable structure only within their 6 and 7 times variables. This means that the densest body of the Creating Sons is a mental body, consisting of mental matter. However, even with a tiny part of their overall energy they can also temporarily manifest in a biological 4 times variable body. Souls that are suitable for higher development can also in time acquire a 6-16 times variable structure. They can then create individual beings in the range of 4-7 variables but are not Creating Gods. 

Time depends on the speed with which the UM in the shell rotate around the nucleus of the whole or the mutilated electron. Higher speed means higher vibration frequency, faster reactions and faster passage of time. The Godhead has a different time factor or timeline than the creating Sons. Also structures with different variables have different timelines. The sun has a different timeline than its planets. Different solar systems have different timelines. If timelines are sufficiently different then we cannot see visitors from a different solar system. However, such visitors can temporarily adopt our timeline and then can be seen. The time of the wandering meteors has its own time modified by the time-zone created by the approached star. Different timelines also can easily lead to calculation errors in channelling.  

A traveling spaceship can bring its own time with it. If it were just dead matter then it would only exist in local time. If it has living volition within from the crew, then it is able to keep its own source time, but its material structure suffers distortion compared to identical local matter.

The 1908 Tunguska explosion in Siberia was 1,000 times greater than that of the Hiroshima atomic bomb. It did not produce an impact crater and no fragments have been found. ( This was caused by an error in time conversion by the crew of an approaching spacecraft. It was travelling in a five times variable structure. They switched back too late into four times variables. Close to impact the craft was still partly five times variable and that caused a nuclear explosion.


(1) THE BOOK: “EXISTENCE – CONSCIOUSNESS” by Gabor Paul Sztelek  ( was self-published in 2010, but printed and partly marketed by Mikro-M Bt, Budapest, Hungary. It is bilingual, on one side in the original Hungarian and on the opposite side translated into English. The translation is sometimes difficult to understand. Most of the revelation was received in the 1990’s by channelling through a trance-medium. There are 544 pages in each language. It can be ordered from For an overview see

 (2)  C.W. Leadbeater & Annie Besant: “Occult Chemistry”. Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar, Madras, India; first edition 1909, third edition 1951; free download from


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