We do not degenerate because we age - we age because we degenerate


Initially, most health seekers are mainly concerned with overcoming a specific health problem, using a specific method or remedy that promises to give the quickest result. However, in the long run and as we get older, more and more health problems or diseases pop up and become increasingly more difficult or impossible to overcome by just using a magic bullet. This, then, makes the idea of serious lifestyle changes towards natural living and holistic healing attractive, which gives us a much better chance of becoming and remaining healthy and fit right into old age.

I have no doubt that it is our natural birthright to be healthy and that it is actually unnatural to have a disease. A disease means that we, or our parents, did not live according to our biological, social or spiritual nature. At present most of humanity lives in rather unnatural conditions surrounded by a minefield of technological and chemical health hazards. Even worse is our ignorance about the nature of these hazards, which are mainly hidden from our awareness.

Therefore, in order to live more naturally, we need to become aware of the main health hazards in our environment and learn to avoid or minimise them. We can learn from our own experiences and from those of others, and we can also develop our intuition or ask for guidance through prayer and meditation. If in doubt about a choice, try to imagine which is the more natural one or more in harmony with our biological nature.

The main biological influences on our health are environmental factors, nutrition, exercise and how we use our body. In addition to improving these factors, there are numerous natural healing methods to help us in our quest. These range from cleansing, herbs and other remedies to working on muscle and bone structures, and using electro-, magneto- and vibrational medicine. For Resources in Australia see Resources.

Here is a list of the pages in this part:

Read This First start with the basics

Acid - Alkaline Balance - includes 'The Calcium-Phosphorus Ratio'

ALKALIZING with Sodium Bicarbonate and Potassium Citrate

Are Most Diseases Caused by the Medical System? - in Nexus Magazine February 2008

Basic Cleanse

Bob Beck Interview (Electronic zapper, magnetic pulser, colloidal silver, ozone)

Breasts, Bras and Babies

Bulgarian Interview with frequently asked questions

Calcium EAP for Healthy Cells

Chasing the High ORP Adventures with ionized water

Colloidal Silver

Color Nutrition an interview for the Better Nutrition Magazine

Colour Therapy

Copper Salicylate - A Potent Inflammation Fighter and Rejuvenator

Deficiency Symptoms - Check out this list of deficiency symptoms to see if you are lacking in some nutrients.

Dental Problems

Ear Acupuncture

Electronic Zapper & Magnetic Pulser

Electromagnetic Pollution

Essential Oils and Aromatherapy


Healing Crisis

Healthy Living

Health Improvement Program - Learn the Principles of Healthy Living & Holistic Healing

Hydrotherapy, Packs & Colonics

Hypercoagulation causing Heart Attack, Stroke, Muscle and Joint Pain, Fatigue, Brain Deterioration

Increase Your Energy with alternative oxygen supply systems

Iodine: Bring Back the Universal Nutrient Medicine - International Medical Veritas Association

Iris Diagnosis

Kerosene - A Universal Healer

Links Page

Living Water

Lipase and the Fat Metabolism

Magnesium Chloride for Health & Rejuvenation

Magnesium Oil transdermal application of concentrated magnesium chloride solution

Magnet Therapy

MIRACLE MINERAL SUPPLEMENT - An Integrated MMS Therapy - as in Nexus Magazine

MMS2 or CALCIUM HYPOCHLORITE a new Miracle Mineral

MMS Mode of Action

MSM - Organic Sulphur as a Versatile Healer

Muscle Testing

Oxygen Therapies

Poem for Rangi plea for a more compassionate health system


Resources in Australia & NZ

Spinal Therapy & Massage

SODIUM CHLORITE - The Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS)

The Borax Conspiracy - How the Arthritis Cure has been Stopped

The Ultimate Cleanse 

Urine and Urea Therapy









Disclaimer: The aim of this web site is to provide information on using natural healing methods in the treatment of illness and health improvement. The author cannot accept any legal responsibility for any problem arising from experimenting with these methods. For any serious disease, or if you are unsure about a particular course of action, seek the help of a competent health professional.