Walter Last

Strong electromagnetic fields (EMFs) of about 50 to 60 cycles per second (hertz, or Hz) and the related electromagnetic radiation (EMR) are harmful to us. Long-term exposure may aggravate any existing health problems or diseases and may cause or intensify especially lack of energy or fatigue, irritability, aggression, hyperactivity, sleep disorders and emotional instability. Increasing numbers of individuals are becoming hypersensitive to EMR; many can feel the electricity going through the body and may experience disabling symptoms such as convulsions, memory problems and depression.

Chronic exposure to high levels of EMR, especially while asleep, is a constant drain on our vitality. It creates chronic stress, which interferes with the regeneration and healing that normally takes place during a good night’s sleep. You may compare it to always swimming against a strong current and this may well make the difference between recovering from a serious disease and succumbing to it.

EMR exists around power lines, power tools, electric stoves, heaters, boilers, freezers and television sets when in use, extending up to several meters around the appliance. Keep your distance if possible. Using an electric iron or an electric keyboard or working with handheld power tools can quickly drain our energies. When working with electric equipment we can reduce harmful effects by holding our hands under running water from time to time, in addition to having a shower in the evening or walking barefoot on grass. Try to minimize electromagnetic pollution, especially while sleeping when the pineal gland is most susceptible.

Preferably switch off all power points in the bedroom and unplug all electric leads with 2-prong plugs before going to sleep but definitely any power points or leads close to the bed. This applies also to waterbeds, which need to be switched off or unplugged overnight. Three-prong plugs may remain connected to power points because this allows stray electricity to flow off through the earth connection.

If the head faces a wall with power points or other electric wiring inside the wall close to the bed, then move the bed towards the middle of the room so that you can walk around the bed. The best sleeping position is with the head towards north or otherwise somewhere between north and east. When using an electric blanket, warm the bed beforehand and disconnect the power before you go to bed or better still, connect the blanket to a good earth. Do not habitually remain near a working electric appliance, and minimize fluorescent lighting, watching television, using video games, computers and even electric typewriters and hand-held electric tools.

The main problem with compact fluorescent bulbs is the unnatural frequency distribution of the light. This can be corrected with more expensive full-spectrum lights but these are cool blue and more pleasant if combined with a warmer light. To increase melatonin production for improved sleep, use only a warm light in the evening and avoid the blue spectrum several hours before bedtime.

Stray currents and radiating fields can still be emitted from electric wires even if appliances are switched off. AC electric fields do not disappear when an appliance is switched off, only AC magnetic fields disappear. Keep live wires away from your body. Preferably do not live near high-voltage lines, microwave towers or electric-train tracks. Alternatively take extra precautions to shield your home.

An increasing hazard is microwave radiation from ovens, mobile (cell) phones, cordless phones, keyboards and other equipment. Most dangerous are long-reaching microwave stations, Wi-Fi, Cel-Fi routers inside the house for phones and computers, or equipment such as a mouse or keyboard that are not connected by wires, but USB modems for wireless broadband are harmless. If you need to use such devices place the sender as far away as possible from bedrooms and where you spend most of your time, or switch off when not needed. Also flat or liquid crystal screens are usually EMF safe but not good for the eyes. With mobile or cell phones use the speaker mode whenever possible. Do not routinely keep the phone close to your body but if you need to then place aluminium sheet or several layers of aluminium foil between the phone and the body. This will greatly reduce the strength of the radiation that goes into the body. Make a car electrically safe by returning electrical charges from the interior (e.g. seats) to the chassis and then to the negative pole of the battery.

Electro-proofing your house

The measures outlined so far will go some way to reduce the harmful effects of EMR on your health. However, often they are not enough. There is a simple way to check if your home and workplace are sufficiently safe. You can do this by measuring the electricity that is absorbed by your body. For this you need a digital voltmeter or multimeter, which is able to read millivolts. This is reasonably cheap to buy or a friend may lend you one.

Then you get some insulated electric wire that is long enough to reach from most rooms to the ground outside and attach an alligator clip to each end. Finally you need a ground stake or earth spike, a copper pipe is good, which you drive into the ground in moist soil. One end of the wire is clipped to a clamp at the top of the ground stake and the other to the black probe of the voltmeter. It is not good enough to attach the earth wire to a water pipe or to the main electricity ground stake of the house as they may carry high voltages.

To close the circuit you just need to hold the metal end of the red probe firmly in one hand. However, it is more convenient to hold a piece of copper pipe, which is connected through a clipped or soldered insulated wire to the red probe. Now you set the dial to 2 AC Volt. If it shows less than 200 mV that is good and you can switch the meter to the 200 mV setting. Preferably the reading should be below 100 mV in commonly used rooms but if you lie down on your bed it should read below 10 mV.

In reality the readings will be much higher and you may get between 2 and 50 V while lying on your bed. This is a constant drain on your vitality. By moving the bed away from any electrical wiring you may perhaps get it to read between 500 mV and 2 V. A relatively easy way of reducing the voltage a lot further is by using an earthed electric blanket.

The easiest way is to use an old or second-hand electric blanket and cut off the plug. Then you can easily solder or clip an earth wire onto all three-wire strands. If you want to keep using it for heating as well, then you may attach a plug to the earth wire. Lying on a well-earthed electric blanket may bring the body voltage down to read one quarter to one tenth of the previous measurement. 

If the bed has a steel frame or innerspring mattress then these may also need to be earthed. Commonly all springs are internally connected and need to be earthed only at one point but some mattresses have individual springs which would need to be earthed individually. However, steel frames and innerspring mattresses still may deflect the compass needle when moved across the bed and that is not good either. The needle should continue pointing north everywhere over the bed. Metal beams in the wall or ceiling may cause the same problem and the bed should be moved far enough away from magnetic field disturbances.

In addition earth any metal parts, such as window frames, metal wall cladding or roofing iron that show an unacceptably high reading when touched with one hand while holding the red probe of the earthed multimeter in the other. This is especially the case if there are high-voltage power-lines, microwave towers or transformers nearby or powerlines that form a right angle as at street corners.

Occasionally there may be so much ground electricity that it shows a higher reading when lying on an earthed electric blanket than without an earth connection. In this case move the earth stake as far away as possible from any power sources that may cause this problem and find or create a good earthing behind the house where you can reach moist soil with a long ground stake. With a short ground stake try to keep the soil around it moist at all times. It is also possible to get a good earth by connecting the wire to a moist part of a tree or large outside plant.

To get a true reading on a concrete floor or when outside the house you should be insulated by wearing shoes, otherwise the reading will be much too low.

For sanitising an apartment of office in a large building where you cannot get a good earth you may just try if an earth connection to the water pipe is sufficient or get expert help. An upper floor of a building commonly has much higher voltages than the ground floor, as there may be wiring in the floor as well as in the ceiling. In this case you may be able to reduce the EMR considerably by placing earthed wire netting under the carpet. If this is not possible with the entire floor, then perhaps just earth a smaller area where you are usually sitting.

In other cases it may be advisable to shield and earth the wiring inside a wall. This is much more difficult as wall panels need to be removed but it may be relatively easy under the roof or if the wiring is under the house. You may simply wrap electric cables with earthed wire netting or aluminium foil or nail metal strips over them. 

In addition to these earthing measures, you may disconnect the fuse or switch in the meter-box for the bedroom (commonly including all power points in the house) overnight. Alternatively have a separate fuse switch installed for the bedroom only or a demand switch that only supplies power to the circuit when needed. In addition, strategically placed copper coils may be used and are highly recommended to de-stress the whole house.


Some dowsers claim to have discovered harmful earthrays from fault lines and underground streams under the beds of most cancer victims. Earthrays may also aggravate many other diseases. Try to find someone who is able to check the location of your bed for harmful underground radiation, even if you sleep on an upper floor. Commonly dowsing or Muscle Testing (kinesiology) may be used. Geopathic disturbances can also be detected with a scientific instrument, the Geo Test 35 Meter that indicates the degree of distortion of the local geomagnetic field.

An easier but more subjective way to assess the safety of a sleeping location is Muscle Testing. Perform a muscle test while lying in the usual sleeping position on the bed. If the arm is weaker than with a test in another part of the bed or the room then you may have to change your sleeping location. You may also try mental testing. While your partner tests your muscle strength, imagine lying or sleeping in the bed. Then imagine an underground stream and harmful radiation underneath the bed. If the arm is stronger while imagining the usual sleeping arrangement, then your bed is likely to be in a good spot, otherwise continue the test by imagining sleeping in a different location.

If you cannot have your bed reliably checked, then move it to a different location if you were sleeping there before any health problems developed. In addition use a shielding device under the bed: place wire netting under the whole area of the bed and connect this to an electric earth. Against fault lines or ley lines you may also cover the area under the bed with several centimetres of quartz sand and use additional copper coils but moving the bed is the safest option. You may also be able to check the bed yourself with a short wave radio - over a fault line the reception deteriorates. Especially dangerous are crossings of fault lines. All these warnings apply to the common household alternating (AC) current. Direct current (DC), on the other hand, is generally harmless, except with very high voltages, while low voltages are sometimes even used in healing.