By Walter Last

Electro-therapies utilise low voltage electric micro-currents in the blood and body tissues to disable a wide range of microbes, including viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites. With this, they have been shown to be remarkably effective with all kinds of diseases and conditions. In addition, very short bursts of a strong magnetic field are used to treat infected lymph glands, tumours and other parts of the body that may contain pockets of pathogenic microbes or cancer cells.

Various patents have been issued for such devices and scientific papers published with the results. Tests conducted with the AIDS virus in the laboratory show that the ability of the virus to infect human T cells is reduced in direct proportion to the product of the magnitude of the current and the time to which the virus is exposed. The current ranged from 0 to 100 microamperes (uA), exposure time was up to 12 minutes.

In a study on herpes treatment of the mouth and genitals the average duration of untreated lesions was 8.5 days, for medically treated lesions 5.5 days and for electrically treated lesions 6 hours. Also the Epstein Barr virus in chronic fatigue syndrome and hepatitis were mentioned as potentially being reversed.

An oscillating magnetic field between 1 and 100 Tesla in strength has been used with similar good results to kill microbes in food samples or living tissue. When treating humans and animals the field strength commonly ranged from 2 to 5 Tesla. One Tesla is equivalent to 10,000 Gauss or 10 K Gauss. In an experiment with mammary cancer tumours in rats after 6 days of treatment 15 out of 18 showed tumour shrinkage while the remaining 3 had a growth interruption.

In an experiment at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York in 1990 it was shown that currents between 50 and 100 uA seem to alter the outer protein layer of HIV viruses so that they can no longer attach to receptor sites on white blood cells and they also lost the ability to reproduce. It has been stated that HIV positive users of electro-therapy can expect a negative p24 surface antigen or PCR test after 30 days.

Numerous papers were published in the International Journal of Neuroscience on the positive effects of magnetic fields on neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease. Commonly very weak (Pico-Tesla Range) pulsating fields were applied directly to the top of the head.


Even bites from poisonous snakes have been neutralised with electrotherapies without any negative after-effects as published in the Lancet (July 26, 1986, page 229). In this case as in many others published on the Internet an outboard motor or lawn mower or even a car was used to cause a strong shock. As outlined in the Lancet article, the bitten limb is electrically grounded as close to the bite as possible and current is applied via an insulated probe to the bite for 1-2 seconds. Usually 4 or 5 shocks are given with 5 to 10 seconds between them. A lead carrying an insulated probe is attached to the (a) spark plug and the engine started at half-throttle.

When the current was applied within 30 minutes of the bite, all pain was gone within minutes and no swelling or other negative effect developed in the 34 reported cases. When the treatment was given after 2 hours, the intense pain disappeared in 30 minutes and the already existing swelling gradually went down over a 3-day period. For greater convenience the reporting hospital in Ecuador eventually used a modified stun gun for treatments. Also bites of venomous spiders, scorpions and others have been successfully treated in this way. It is mentioned in the Lancet article that this treatment does not stimulate the myocardial muscle, meaning that it is not dangerous for the heart (but this is not a guarantee).

I understand that the active probe must be well insulated otherwise it may cause a nasty burn. A safer alternative may be to use a Beck-type magnetic pulser. I applied it to tick bites and it helped but do not know if it is strong enough for snakebites. Also doubts have been expressed whether the electric shock treatment is effective for snakes with nerve poisons, such as the Australian taipan. The published cases were with snakes that emit blood poisons. However, it should be alright to try electric shock and possibly an electric zapper in addition to very high doses of vitamin C, provided other appropriate treatment is used in addition without much delay.

Electronic Zapper

There are two types of electronic zapper commercially available, the Hulda Clark zapper and the Robert Beck zapper. Both appear to eliminate all kinds of parasites, bacteria, fungi and viruses including the cancer microbe. They do this with low-voltage pulsed electric currents. The original Clark zapper operates with a 9 V square wave positive offset current at a high pulse frequency of about 30,000 Hz. The Beck zapper uses 27 to 36 V and a low frequency of about 4 Hz, but experimental units may have an additional frequency of 100 Hz.

The Beck zapper works mainly to disable microbes in the blood and is often called a blood purifier. The Clark zapper, because of its lower voltage and higher frequency, worked mainly on the outer layers of the body but this may have changed now with more recent systems that provide a wider range of voltages and frequencies. Some zappers are now more like Rife machines. For some scientific studies see http://hulda-clark-quack.com/huldaclarkzapperworks.html, and for a short video that shows microbes (mostly protozoa) being killed with the zapper see http://paradevices.com/zapper_works.html.

With the Clark zapper you hold an electrode in each hand through which a modulated 9 V current flows with a positive offset frequency. To establish a firm contact, rub your palms with salty water and hold the electrodes very firmly. Alternatively, wrap the electrodes in absorbent paper or cloth moistened with salted water. With weak grip strength the best contact results by dipping each hand or foot in a bowl of salted water together with a partly immersed electrode, but not if any electronics are in the handle. After the last treatment of the day rinse your hands and/or feet under running water to remove any static electricity.

With a local infection or tumour also press the electrodes on both sides close to the problem area or one electrode besides a problem area and the other in the opposite hand. The negative electrode, commonly attached to a black wire, tends to sting on sensitive skin. As with magnets, it can be important in which hand you hold a particular electrode; otherwise one may feel weaker after zapping. It will usually be best to hold the negative electrode on that side of the body where the tumour, pain, infection or inflammation is located and the positive electrode with the red wire in the other hand. You may also try muscle testing to find the best electrode placement: Have someone gently press down your raised, outstretched arm while holding the electrodes one way and then the other. Use the electrodes as for the stronger test.

The normal treatment schedule is seven minutes three times daily. The second zapping should follow 20 - 30 minutes after the first one and the third one after a similar interval. The first zapping is to kill unshielded parasites and microbes. Dead parasites release further bacteria, which are killed with the second zapping, and these then release viruses that are eliminated the third time. The zapper may be used in addition to the Hulda Clark parasite herbs.

The Beck zapper is specifically designed to electrify and purify the blood of microbes, therefore it is also called a 'blood purifier'. With the Beck zapper the small electrodes are fastened directly over the arteries, where you feel a pulse, on one forearm or near the ankle on each foot. As with the Hulda Clark zapper, I also recommend using it on both sides of tumours or areas of infection or inflammation. The present recommendation is to use the zapper for 2 hours daily and this should eliminate all harmful microbes and parasites in the blood within a month or two, including the AIDS virus.

Dr Beck warned that cells may take up drugs and herbal medicines at a much higher rate during the actual zapping due to a process called electroporation, and that this may cause drug overdosing. Therefore he recommended originally not to use drugs and other potentially dangerous remedies, including raw garlic, during the weeks and months of treatment. However, in later interviews he softened his stand and advised to cautiously try out if drugs can be continued without a problem and to take any drugs or potentially dangerous remedies just after the daily zapping rather than beforehand. As I understand it, there is no firm evidence that electroporation occurs with the electronic zapper, and I believe Dr Beck just tried to cover himself by being cautious. On the other hand, if electroporation should occur, then it would be good to ingest beneficial remedies beforehand that do not pose a potential overdose problem. Electroporation is theoretically possible at very low frequencies but does not seem to occur at 100 Hz or higher frequencies. Dr Beck died in 2002. Despite FDA suppression his full paper can still be found at www.toolsforhealing.com/cd/Articles/B/BobBeck/BobBeckIn-VivoArticle.html.


In addition, Dr Beck also designed a magnetic pulser to treat infected lymph glands and other sites of infection, tumours and other parts of the body with poor blood supply. A very strong but short magnetic pulse 1 tesla (10,000 gauss) or more induces an induction current in cells and body fluids that is able to kill or disable microbes. However, presently commercially available pulsers do not appear strong enough for this effect. To some degree this can be overcome by using the south-pointing pole of a strong pulser, preferably with a fast pulse frequency. This should create a strongly inhibiting environment for microbes. The same arrangement is also suitable for relief of pain, inflammations, root-canal filled teeth, infected lymph glands and tumours.

In addition, magnetic pulsers can be used to enhance cellular life processes, such as increasing the metabolic rate, and supporting cleansing and regeneration. For this the strength of the pulser may not be important, or only in that it is sufficient to reach the target organ within the body. In contrast, the frequency rate of the pulses may now increase in importance. In brain research extremely weak transcranial pulsating fields of about 10 Hz in the pico-tesla range have greatly improved neurological conditions. This included Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, MS, Epilepsy, migraine headache, cluster headache, ADD, ADHD, depression, and Tourette's syndrome (www.earthpulse.net/Sandyk.htm). At the opposite end of the range are extremely powerful, fast and expensive pulsers to treat horses, especially for healing broken bones and injuries (www.horsemagneticpulser.com). 

Another possibility to enhance the effect of a pulser is by combining it with a permanent magnet. I cannot give any definite instructions, I have just experimented with it on myself and found it useful. You may place a flat magnet with the south-pointing pole towards the skin directly under the south-pointing paddle of a pulser. Alternatively place it on the opposite side of the body or of a limb. To get a clean south-pole field, the south-pointing pole of the permanent magnet should face the pulser paddle. In other cases a stronger flow may be achieved by placing the north-pointing pole towards the paddle. Experiment to see which pole is best to face the pulser paddle. This appears to create a stronger fluctuating magnetic field, especially if used with a fast pulser at a frequency of 10 Hz or higher.

For serious and long-standing health problems pulse frequently until there is sufficient improvement. Hold the pulser as close as possible to the treated problem area. Preferably do not use a strong pulser directly on the brain or heart, or during pregnancy. Another important aspect is to be aware of the polarity of the coil. One side acts as a magnetic north pole and the other side as a south pole. It is important to use the correct pole as explained in the Appendix below. You cannot rely on the poles as marked by manufactures. This whole area is only now beginning to be explored, and there are no definite rules about frequency, intensity and duration of treatment. You may experiment with different settings and observe what works best for you. 

Some time ago I came across two interesting bits of information. On the magnetic pulser page of the Quantumbalancing website I found the statement that the FDA required them to discourage all individuals from using a pulser on humans. On the same day I heard on the news of another great medical discovery. Apparently Australian Psychiatrists have discovered a new and better cure for depression by using a strong magnetic pulser on the brain. I asked myself if that is another instance of the common medical tactic of trying to monopolise natural cures that they can no longer suppress.

Two suitable fast pulsers that I am aware of are the Klemens pulser and the Parapulser. The Klemens pulser has a knob adjustable pulse frequency up to 27 Hz, while the Parapulser has a push-button adjustable pulse frequency up to 20 Hz. The Parapulser has a very narrow high-gauss pulse, while the Klemens pulser has a wide low-gauss pulse. This gives the Parapulser a much higher induction capacity, while the Klemens pulser generates a higher action of force, e.g. to deflect a compass needle at a greater distance. The Parapulser has in addition a unique function in that it can continually alternate poles during a session. This function may be used for metabolic or hormonal stimulation, or whenever there is no specific indication for using the south-pointing pole.  

In practical terms, according to my understanding, all this means that the Parapulser by generating a stronger induction current in the body acts mainly at the molecular level. With this it is more effective in stimulating biochemical processes, such as the metabolic rate. The Klemens pulser in turn may project a stronger field in regard to the opposite biological effects of magnetic poles. I believe that this field is due to an energy vortex projected from each pole.



Both poles of a magnet or magnetic pulser tend to have opposite biological effects. This may not be very noticeable with strong magnets or magnetic pulses as both sides may suppress nerve signals of pain and improve general health by recharging damaged electric cell potentials. In addition, microbes may be inhibited by both sides of a strong magnet or magnetic pulser.

However, there are other conditions that may get worse by using the wrong pole, while using the biologically correct pole may also give better results with pain, microbes and general health improvement, especially further inside the body where the pulse strength rapidly declines.

One side of the coil or paddle head of a magnetic pulser acts as a magnetic north pole and the other side as a south pole. In the scientific definition the north pole of a magnet is the north-pointing pole. Therapists in America commonly call the north-pointing pole ‘south pole’. To avoid confusion I usually use the terms ‘north-pointing’ or ‘south-pointing.

The north-pointing pole generally has strengthening and stimulating qualities: it gives energy. It can be used to improve weak organs or improve the energy balance between both sides of the body. The south-pointing pole, on the other hand, withdraws energy: it is sedating and relaxing. It is preferable for the brain, for pain relief, to reduce unwanted growths (tumours) and swellings, relieve tension and irritation, soothe inflammations, and arrest infections.

Furthermore, both sides of the body commonly have opposite polarities, with the energy of the right side being like that of a north-pointing pole, and the left side like a south-pointing pole. To a lesser degree the back is energetically opposite to the front. You may also notice that most of your pains and inflammations occur on one side of the body while the other side has more weakness or rigidity. In this case generally use the south-pointing pole on the more right or more active side and the north-pointing pole on the left or weaker side of the body. However, if you do develop pain or inflammation on the weaker side, then use the south-pointing pole on this part as well. When holding the back of the paddle head, it may help holding it with the hand that benefits from that particular polarity.

If there is no obvious sign to show on which side to place the north or south pole then you may alternate poles or use muscle testing to find out. Some individuals are also good in using a pendulum for this.

Muscle testing may be done in different ways. Commonly you sit down with the pulsing paddle head placed in the questioned position. Raise a free arm stretched out horizontally in front with the palm down. A tester or helper exerts gradually increasing pressure on the wrist of the outstretched arm to see whether it locks in position or gives way. Then turn the paddle over and test again.

Either the tester or the tested person or both may notice that the arm is stronger with one particular placement of the paddle. This then is the correct placement.

To find out which side of the paddle is north and south place a small flat magnet with known polarity on top of one side and watch what happens with the next pulse. Like poles repulse each other. Therefore, if the magnet jumps off, that side of the paddle has the same polarity as the magnet placed on it with the face down. If you then turn the small magnet around, it should not jump off. Then repeat the test with the other side of the paddle. Finally mark the polarities on the paddle, commonly red for north-pointing and stimulating, and blue or green for south-pointing or sedating. You may find the poles of a permanent magnet by letting it hang on a thread. The side eventually pointing to the north is the north-pointing pole. Alternatively, the pole that attracts the north-pointing pole of a compass needle is the south-pointing pole. For more information see Magnet Therapy.