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The following recommendations for overcoming some specific health problems contain in a condensed form some important or specific ingredients of a natural approach. However, it is essential to incorporate these specific recommendations into a holistic program for improving the wellbeing of the whole person.


Most modern diseases are caused by or associated with dysbiosis – pathogenic microbes in the intestines due to antibiotics and similar drugs. If this is not corrected then other therapies may not work, see Candida and the Antibiotic Syndrome. After sanitizing your intestines and using systemic antimicrobial therapy your disease or health problem may just disappear with a cleansing program and by adopting a high-quality diet that is appropriate for your metabolic type without any further therapies being required. In particular, many health problems tend to disappear simply by eliminating all gluten products, sweeteners and any foods that cause a sensitivity reaction.


In addition to any supplements specifically mentioned for your problem, you may also take a multi-vitamin-mineral tablet, antioxidants, lecithin, kelp, pollen and other helpful nutrients. Also use other methods described in this book, such as acupuncture, reflexology, meridian therapy, magnet therapy, color therapy and guided imagery to improve diseased organs and assist healing. The more of an effort you make to apply as many supportive methods as possible the better will be the result.


If your condition is not specifically mentioned, or rather severe, or in addition to any of the recommended measures, adopt a raw-food diet until you are much improved. I regard this as the most versatile cure-all, especially if combined with suitable mind therapy. A suitable raw food diet combined with a joyful mind is also the best insurance against developing any disease.


Intestinal Sanitation and systemic anti-microbial therapy. Predominantly raw food diet with plenty of sprouted seeds and fresh vegetable juices, mainly from cereal grasses. Oxygen therapies alternating with high antioxidant intake. Colloidal silver, acidophilus, echinacea, propolis and other natural antibiotics. Beck-type electronic zapper and magnetic pulser. Emotional and mind therapies. For supplements and other supportive measures see ‘Infections and Inflammations’ below, also suitable methods from Overcoming Cancer.

Virus infections generally clear up with a high intake of antioxidants in addition to selenium and zinc. Take 5 x 2 g (or bowel tolerance) of sodium ascorbate, 3 x 15 – 20 mg of zinc, 200 mcg of selenium, 3 x 200 mg of alpha-lipoic acid [thioctic acid, may require extra biotin]. In addition1 tablespoon of cod liver oil and a variety of other antioxidants, such as grape seed extract, Microhydrin or strong electrolytic reduced water (ERW). Specific for AIDS may be the nutritional precursors of glutathione peroxidase: selenium, L-cysteine, L-glutamine and L-tryptophan (or niacinamide). See also the free book "What Really Causes AIDS" at www.hdfoster.com/WhatReallyCausesAIDS.pdf.


Basic Cleanse followed by food allergy testing and a diet based on vegetable juice with added water for a total fluid intake of about 1 gallon/4 litre. Homeopathic remedy made of the addictive substance. Acidophilus, high-potency B-complex, glutamine, affirmations, guided imagery, outdoor activity, and group support.


Intestinal Sanitation and systemic anti-microbial therapy. Test individual foods and chemicals with an elimination diet after a 5-day water fast or Basic Cleanse or rice mono diet with only salt and olive oil for flavouring. Rotation diet, small meals, chew well. Digestive enzymes, hydrochloric acid, B-complex, high vitamin C, glutamine, MSM. Alkalise the body with sodium and potassium bicarbonate. Avoid or minimize sweet and acid food and food additives. Homeopathic remedy made from the offending allergens. See Part 6 of Healing Foods.


Juice or powder of cereal grasses, liver - underdone or freeze-dried, sprouted seeds. Hydrochloric acid and ascorbic acid with meals, minimize sweet food. Vitamins B6, B12, folic acid, E, bioflavonoids. Chelated iron, zinc, manganese, chromium. Parasite cure with wormwood, cloves and tincture of walnut, electronic zapper. Red colour therapy, mild sun exposure, outdoors activity.


DIET: Basic Cleanse followed by allergy testing and predominantly raw-food diet. Minimize sweet and acid food, wheat products, gluten, milk, and cheese. If fingernails are soft take hydrochloric acid with meals, sodium bicarbonate 3 hours after hydrochloric acid. Use ground linseed, fish oils, cold-pressed peanut oil and olive oil. Avoid other commercial cooking oils, citrus fruit, foods of the nightshade family and processed food.

SUPPLEMENTS: Vitamin B6 (especially with problems of the hands) and nicotinamide in addition to multi-vitamins. 500 mg or more of magnesium, boron (as from 50 - 100 mg of borax or a small pinch), zinc, MSM, try copper salicylate for pain and inflammation, alternatively chelated copper or copper bracelet. Acidophilus, digestive enzymes, celery seeds, yucca. Most helpful: glucosamine, in addition mussel extract or liquid bovine cartilage or shark cartilage, also broth of fish heads.

ADDITIONAL THERAPY: Intestinal Sanitation and systemic anti-microbial therapy. Warm peanut oil rubs of affected joints, hot Epsom salts pack and hot Epsom salts bath, sweating, kerosene pack around affected joints, also other blistering agents. Dissolve MSM and glucosamine in a solution of copper salicylate and rub it into affected joints. Blue light therapy over painful areas, orange light on stiff, calcified joints. Deep muscle massage, remove dead teeth and amalgam fillings. See also the specific article on Arthritis in this section.


Intestinal Sanitation and systemic anti-microbial therapy. Initially avoid and later minimize sweet and acid food, wheat, gluten and lactose as in milk products (except butter), also aspirin and processed food. Avoid sulphites used in many foods and medications as preservatives. Allergy testing is essential; use ground linseed, fish oils and extra virgin olive oil, avoid other commercial oils.

Halibut oil capsules or cod liver oil or other source of vitamin A (not beta-carotene instead); vitamins E, C, B1, B6. Generally high levels of antioxidants with up to 10 g per day of sodium or calcium ascorbate, grape seed extract, green tea and strongly reducing ionised water. Molybdenum (with sulphite sensitivity), magnesium, manganese, MSM, selenium, zinc. Hydrochloric acid with protein meals if fingernails are weak, sodium bicarbonate 3 hours later. Acidophilus and bifido cultures. Alkalise the body.

Breathing exercises: inhale into the abdomen and exhale as slowly as possible, do this also routinely during sedentary activities. After normal exhalation continue to hold your breath for as long as possible (Buteyko Therapy), blow up balloons. Spinal adjustment. Preferably live in a dry, warm climate or elevated position, avoid damp places as well as moulds and fungi in air and food. Use natural fibre mattresses or wrap foam mattresses in polythene sheeting with only a small opening at the bottom.

Some asthmatics claim to have been cured by regularly inhaling 3% hydrogen peroxide sprayed directly into the mouth from a spray bottle, while others had success with inhaling high concentrations of negative ions from a medical-type air ionizer or with spray-inhaling a 10% sodium ascorbate solution. Hydrogen peroxide probably is best against fungal infestations and antioxidant spray with inflammations and oxidative damage. Try both but use the hydrogen peroxide only periodically for a limited time, e.g. for a few weeks as needed.

Eliminate parasites with wormwood, cloves, black walnut tincture and electronic zapper. Intestinal sanitation with Candida therapy. Vomiting therapy can help; try to cough up mucus after hot onion packs on the chest. Make children emotionally secure, emotional release therapy for adults. Use the Emotional Freedom Technique, see Mind Tools. Some asthmatics are claimed to be cured with urine injections, see Urine & Urea Therapy.

Autoimmune Diseases


In autoimmune diseases the immune system attacks faulty body cells, probably due to infestation with myoplasms or cell-wall deficient and pleomorphic or other microbes. Common causes are dead teeth and resulting jawbone infections as well as overgrowth of the intestinal tract with pathogenic microbes. Autoimmune diseases include type1 diabetes, Crohn’s disease, lupus (S.L.E.), multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma and thyroiditis.


The main aspects of treating autoimmune diseases are Intestinal Sanitation and systemic anti-microbial therapy, avoiding gluten products (including beer) and substances to which you are allergic or sensitive, sweetened food, genetically modified or microwaved food and processed food in general. By far the best option is to adopt a temporary raw-food diet.


Use high amounts of antioxidants, in particular vitamin C, L-lysine, selenium, zinc, cod liver oil and other nutrients listed under ‘virus infections’ in the section on ‘Infections and Inflammations’ below, also electronic zapper and other measures listed under ‘Additional Therapies’. Furthermore, see also any entries for your specific autoimmune disease.

Back Problems

Low allergy diet; vitamins C, E, B-complex; high doses manganese, zinc, magnesium. Reflexology is very effective, Epsom salt packs. For shrunk disks stretch the spine and rub with hypericum oil. Deep muscle massage or pressure into tight muscles, spinal adjustment. Hang upside down (inversion swing) for problems in the lower back. Stretching exercises, sleep on a firm bed, avoid high heels. Improve the digestive system and any diseased organ; back pain commonly results from problems in inner organs.

Broken Bones

Fresh vegetable juices, broth of fish heads, bone meal. Vitamin C, halibut oil capsules, boron (50 mg of borax) manganese, zinc, magnesium, and comfrey root. Place north pole of a magnet above fracture (towards trunk) and south pole opposite and below the fracture (towards fingers or toes). Trace acupuncture meridians along fractured limb. Orange colour therapy.


The main aspects of holistic cancer therapy are strengthening the immune system, controlling the cancer microbe, removing accumulated toxins and waste products and dissolving any tumours. Most important is Intestinal Sanitation and systemic anti-microbial therapy.

DIET: Start with the Basic Cleanse followed by the Juice Diet. Generally low-protein diet, except if using the Budwig Diet on mainly ‘quark’ and ground linseed. Purple foods (red beets, black or purple grapes, dark grape juice) with any diet, ground linseed, also sprouted broccoli seeds are very good (do not use treated seeds for planting). During the morning sip slowly one bottle of dark grape juice, no other food, except possibly fresh fruit or grass and vegetable juices until noon. If the body is sensitive, keep the urine slightly alkaline, possibly using alkalisers (see Acid-Alkaline Balance). If the body is insensitive, take hydrochloric acid with meals. Structure the diet according to your metabolic type and blood group.

SUPPLEMENTS: Some useful remedies are sulphur-amino acids (L-cysteine and possibly L-methionine) or MSM, Kyolic aged garlic, propolis, aloe vera, colloidal silver, Lugol’s solution, kelp, lecithin, freeze-dried liver, proteolytic enzymes or, where available, small amounts of mature green papaw or juice/extract of fresh papaw leaves suitably diluted.

Some good herbs are pau d’arco, Hoxsey herb mixture, Essiac, papaw leaves, echinacea, greater celandine, red clover blossoms, parasite remedies (wormwood, cloves, black walnut). Urea helps to prevent metastases; hydrazine sulphate helps to regain weight and strength. There are hundreds of more or less useful remedies available, use what appeals to you.

The most important vitamins are C (10 g or more, usually neutralized and in frequent small doses), E (not during oxygen therapy), A and D (best as shark liver oil, also cod liver oil is suitable), niacinamide (2 x 500 mg), B6, B12 (inject or dissolve under tongue), folic acid. The most important minerals are magnesium (500 mg or more), selenium and zinc.

Generally high amounts of all antioxidants, including alpha lipoic acid and grape seed extract. Alternate shorter periods (a few weeks) of oxygen therapies with longer periods (several months) on high antioxidant supplements. With tumors use high amounts of the following to inhibit the formation of new blood vessels: shark or bovine cartilage (both best liquid), zinc (3 x 30 mg), vitamin B2, turmeric and green tea but minimize any copper intake.

ADDITIONAL THERAPY: Sanitize the bedroom by minimizing electro stress, chemical pollution as well as geopathic radiation; do not use innerspring mattresses or metal beds. Sanitizes your teeth, especially have all dead teeth removed. Experiment with ways to increase your life force. Use a Beck-type electronic zapper (with attached colloidal silver maker) and magnetic pulser. Strong magnet with south-pointing pole and blue light therapy for pain and tumour control. Try various types of packs. Avoid surgery near full moon (increased chance of haemorrhage and for pre-menopausal females during the first and last week of the period (increased chance of metastasis).

Improve the mind with several hours daily of relaxation, affirmation, prayer, guided imagery and meditation. Practice positive thinking and develop faith and a joyful mind. Nothing will cure you if you do not believe in it. Learn to feel and express your needs as well as negative emotions, become assertive. Do not focus on fighting cancer but rather on improving health and enjoyment of life. Choose to live life to the fullest, have a goal for the future, and become enthusiastic about your life. Your attitude is the key to your success. Also see the specific cancer articles on this web site.


A fungal infection caused by Candida albicans (candidiasis or moniliasis). The most common symptoms are thrush (oral or vaginal) and skin infections. However, Candida often invades the body itself, starting with the digestive tract and then entering the bloodstream, thereby overwhelming the immune system. In this way, Candida has been found to cause or aggravate many cases of food allergies, digestive-tract diseases, all kinds of auto-immune diseases, lupus erythematosus, multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis, but also schizophrenia, mental depression and anxiety, impaired memory, hyperactivity, menstrual problems, miscarriage - basically any part of the body may become impaired.

Some antifungal remedies are coconut oil, garlic, pau d'arco, propolis, wormwood, and the oils of tea-tree, neem tree, cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, mustard and thyme. Also chewing some fresh or dried neem leaves for several weeks is good. Avoid sweet foods, yeast, moulds and, initially, fruit. For severe fungus infestation of inner organs an internal iodine solution (4 x 6 drops of Lugol’s solution) may be taken in liquids for three weeks, see below. For further information see ‘Candida & the Antibiotic Syndrome’.

Cardiovascular Disease

Basic Cleanse followed by periods on fruits only or Juice Diet. Avoid or minimize: sweeteners, salt, chlorinated water, smoking, peanut products, caffeine and all commercial fats and oils except extra virgin olive oil, do not heat any flesh food or eggs above boiling temperature. Use only cows’ milk products that have not been pasteurised or otherwise heated.

Use plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, Papaw and pineapple are good. Use plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, seafood, some (organic) poultry. 1-2 tablespoons of (freshly) ground or frozen linseed and 1 teaspoon or 3 capsules of lecithin with most meals, fish oil capsules, oily seeds and nuts (not roasted or rancid) best as ‘seed cheese’. If blood pressure is high acidify your body with ascorbic acid and possibly take hydrochloric acid supplements with meals (with acid body conditions more histamine is released which in turn dilates blood vessels).


SUPPLEMENTS: high doses of natural vitamin E (tablets) and vitamin C (5 - 10 g, in divided doses mostly as ascorbic acid), vitamin B6, niacin 50 - 250 mg before meals to induce flushing. Close to 1000 mg of magnesium daily, best as magnesium chloride or neutralized ascorbic acid. Other helpful minerals are zinc, selenium, chromium, manganese, copper salicylate; males should minimize calcium, females may benefit from more. Seriously ill patients take 5-6 g of lysine and 2 g of carnitine daily in 4 divided doses. Herbs: Bromelain, ginger (with most meals), ginkgo biloba and green tea, also digestive enzymes high in lipase.


Clogged arteries may also be cleaned with 4 to 6 drops of a saturated solution of potassium iodide (SSKI) in addition to sufficient niacin to produce flushing, usually 50 to 250 mg. For best results also use sufficient omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, lecithin and sulfur in your diet (e.g. L-cysteine, L-methionine or MSM).

ADDITIONAL THERAPY: Remove any dead teeth and make sure there is no chronic infection in the wisdom tooth positions (number 8). Regular exercise, alternating hot and cold showers, skin brushing. Frequently press into the fleshy pad below the left thumb. Pressing strongly during a heart attack can allegedly stop the attack. A similar effect of stopping a heart attack within minutes has been reported from rapidly drinking a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of cayenne. A small magnet with the south pole over the heart eases pain or fast heartbeat, the north pole strengthens the beat (not with pace-maker).

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The cellular oxidative energy production is blocked by unbiological chemicals or endotoxins from a chronic microbial infection, commonly due to Candida or pleomorphic organisms in the blood after antibiotic therapy.

Allergy testing and low allergy diet. Plenty of purple foods (beetroot, red cabbage, purple onions, black/purple grapes, blackcurrants, blackberries, blueberries or juices of any of these) and green juice or alternatively barley green powder. With low blood pressure eat salty and spicy food and select food with a favourable Calcium/Phosphorus Ratio.

SUPPLEMENTS: High dose antioxidants with 10 g or more of sodium ascorbate in divided doses, natural vitamin E as tablets, alpha lipoic acid, grape seed extract, Microhydrin or strong electrolysed reduced water (ERW). Multivitamins, calcium orotate, magnesium, manganese, selenium (200 mcg), zinc (3 x 15 or 20 mg), coenzyme Q10 (3 x 30 mg or more), either L-cysteine and L-methionine or MSM, Kyolic aged garlic, freeze-dried liver, propolis, echinacea. Maca may be very helpful for hormonal balancing. Weekly vitamin B12 injections or daily vitamin B12 tablets under the tongue. Glutamine before meals if there is evidence of 'leaky gut syndrome'.

ADDITIONAL THERAPY: Clean up Candida with intestinal sanitation and systemic anti-microbial therapy, see 'Candida & the Antibiotic Syndrome’, for treatment also ‘Intestinal Sanitation’ in Healing Foods. Try parasite cure using wormwood, clove and black walnut and/or Lugol’s Solution - see Parasites. Replace dead teeth and amalgam fillings. Sanitize the bedroom. Beck-type electronic zapper, magnetic pulser, colloidal silver, copper salicylate. Minimize electromagnetic pollution – sanitize the bedroom.


Colds may be regarded as beneficial clean-outs of mucus congestions. To avoid colds, avoid mucus congestions and foods that produce them. These are mainly lactose and cows' milk products (except butter), sweet foods, moulds and mouldy foods and any foods or chemicals to which one is allergic or sensitive. Other factors are mercury amalgam fillings, root canal fillings and other foci of chronic infections as well as Candida overgrowth and intestinal dysbiosis.

Try to correct these conditions and see MUCUS PROLEMS below for ways to ease mucus congestions. I have seen severe colds being aborted within hours by using the Sugar Cure (see Mucus Problems). Other useful remedies are echinacea, fresh raw garlic and very high doses, up to bowel tolerance, of vitamin C (sodium ascorbate). In addition frequently dissolve a tablet with a small amount of zinc sulphate in the mouth. Another useful method is to dissolve one third of a teaspoon of sodium ascorbate in 2 tablespoons of water and from time to time place 20 drops in each nostril.

Colds can also be stopped if at the first sign of a coming cold a few drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide are inserted into each ear. Lie on one side while putting the drops into the opposite ear, wait a few minutes, then change sides and put the drops in the other ear. In addition gargle frequently with diluted hydrogen peroxide and also swallow some. For further suggestions see INFECTIONS & INFLAMMATIONS below.



Use a high-quality low-allergy diet. With sensitive skin and emotional instability use mainly slow-digesting food and with insensitive conditions plenty of fruit. Avoid food to which you may be addicted or on which you may binge, such as chocolate, coffee, tea or alcohol. Give yourself a special treat from time to time without using sweet or junk food.


SUPPLEMENTS: The most important vitamins are B6, B12, C, niacin or nicotinamide, folic acid and the minerals zinc, magnesium, calcium and manganese. Initially take a high-potency multivitamin-mineral tablet with most meals and additional amounts of vitamin B6 and zinc up to dream recall or 500 mg of vitamin B6. High amounts of omega-3 fatty acids as fish oils, including cod liver oil, also linseed oil or freshly ground linseed. Try Hypericum or St. Johnswort and the Bach Flower Remedies Aspen, Gentian, Gorse and Mustard. Correct any constipation, take cultures of acidophilus and bifidobacteria. Have any dead teeth removed and preferably amalgam fillings replaced. Avoid lead pollution. Kyolic (aged garlic), cooked garlic and some raw garlic assist in detoxification.


Try amino acids: up to 2 g of L (or D, L) phenylalanine and tyrosine each before meals or alternatively up to 2 g of tryptophan. You may also try taking phenylalanine and tyrosine only before breakfast and tryptophan only at bedtime. Glutamine may be used as an additional brain fuel. Epinephrine and dopamine in the brain are formed from phenylalanine and tyrosine, while serotonin is made from tryptophan.

Depression often results from low thyroid and adrenal functions. Check your temperature under the armpit before rising, women check in the first 10 days of the menses or before ovulation. If it is below 97.8F or 36.5C you may try thyroid extract (absorb under the tongue) and iodine from kelp. In addition, selenium is required to activate thyroid hormone, therefore take 200 mcg per day.


ADDITIONAL THERAPY: Candida can go into the bloodstream and cause depression and other psychiatric symptoms. For treatment see Candida above. Use prayer, affirmations, meditation and guided imagery to uplift your feelings and solve your problems. Learn to trust in your inner or higher guidance and ask it to take care of your problems. Socialize and find a group with similar interests. Forgive yourself and others for any mistakes or misdeeds.


Seasonal depression is due to insufficient sunlight. Expose yourself to one or two hours of very bright light each day, preferably in the morning and be outside in sunlight without sunglasses, otherwise incandescent light but not fluorescent light. In addition, use yellow or orange color therapy for all forms of depression; also look into the light source. Wear bright colored clothing. Use deep breathing exercises, dance to lively music and shake the whole body for a minute during fast breathing.


The present epidemic of type 2 diabetes is due to the official health guidelines recommending a diet high in carbohydrates and low in fat. This can easily be reversed by a diet high in fresh raw food and unheated fats while initially avoiding and later minimizing grain products and sweeteners.


Under professional supervision, go for one week on a diet of only apples, mainly tart varieties (e.g. Granny Smith) with no or only a minimum of long-term insulin (to avoid ‘hypos’) or drugs. In addition have intestinal sanitation with plenty of dairy-free acidophilus cultures. Then gradually introduce non-sweet raw foods, especially sprouted seeds, lentils and other legumes, seafood, onion and cooked vegetables. Keep a diary of the blood sugar level after each test food. Continue using only low-response food.


With type 1 you may have to minimize all glucose-producing foods (e.g. all starches, sweet vegetables and even legumes) for some time and use mainly meat, fish, egg, goats' milk products, spirulina, lettuce, cabbage and other leafy greens in addition to green/tart apples, lemons and limes. If you need more carbohydrate add fructose to the lemon juice and also try xylitol. Before each meal take plenty of either fresh barley grass juice, spirulina or chlorella, and try one tablespoon of freshly ground linseed, as well as 1 tablespoon of fenugreek seeds soaked overnight, also use the soaking water. While you may be able to greatly reduce and sometimes eliminate the need for insulin injections in this way, regeneration of the pancreas is only likely if most of these foods are fresh, raw and organic.


Avoid all cows’ milk products (for type 1), wheat and gluten, saturated and especially hydrogenated fats, processed foods and food additives. Furthermore, avoid all sweet or sweetened food, including fruit juices, and in particular all sucrose; also fructose and glucose at the same meal, such as having fruit after a meal, although it may be all right having fruit an hour before a meal.

SUPPLEMENTS: Vitamins C and E (tablets), B-group, especially B1, B6, and B12. Glucose Tolerance Factor or chromium as well as manganese and zinc (all best chelated), 500 mg or more of magnesium, vanadium if available, MSM, fish oils, lecithin, freeze-dried liver, continue with dairy-free acidophilus. Also useful are aloe vera, bilberry, ginseng, goat's rue, gymnema (may help to regenerate beta cells) and various spices - cinnamon (1 teaspoon daily in divided doses), cloves, tarragon and turmeric. Calcium arginate (calcium salt of the amino acid arginine) is effective with type II diabetes.

Castor oil packs on liver and abdomen, magnetic pulser on liver and pancreas, also reflexology for these, herbal parasite cure and colloidal silver. See also the articles on Diabetes in this Section.

Digestive Disorders

Allergy testing and low-allergy diet suitable for your blood group, small meals, chew slowly and well, correct food combining, diet appropriate for your metabolic type and blood group, possibly rice mono-diet for a while with only salt and olive oil for flavouring, alternatively a water fast (purified water only). Basic Cleanse and intestinal sanitation with acidophilus and bifido cultures. With soft fingernails add hydrochloric acid to meals, sodium bicarbonate 3 hours later.

With ulcers and irritable bowel in addition to the above take slippery elm powder before meals, use anti-inflammatory herbs, such as golden seal, ginger, chamomile as well as glutamine and zinc sulphate with meals (200 mg/day), copper salicylate, oxygen therapy, zinc, high-dose magnesium, cod liver oil (emulsified) and other omega-3 fatty acids, high-quality aloe vera juice. Use magnetic pulser and south pole of a strong magnet on sites of inflammation. Include raw potato in the vegetable juice for stomach ulcers and cabbage juice with duodenal ulcer. Stomach ulcers usually cause pain after a meal, duodenal ulcers between or before meals. Very effective are 6 drops of tea tree oil in liquid before breakfast for 3 days (initially take a test drop to see that you are not oversensitive to it).

With constipation use magnesium (as chloride or sulphate) in frequent teaspoonfuls, also one or more tablespoons of ground linseed with meals, long walks, large vegetable salads, squat for bowel movements. For bloating or excess wind avoid any sweetness with or after vegetables or fibre-rich food; correct food combining, low allergy diet, and magnesium chloride up to bowel tolerance level.

With hiatus hernia (belching, heartburn, indigestion) the patient sits at one end of a massage table (or something similar) with the legs outstretched on the table. A helper lies across the legs or holds them down while the patient leans back over the edge as far as possible. Then the patient tightens the abdominal muscles to pull himself or herself slowly back up to the sitting position. A second helper may assist. In most instances this will pull the stomach back to its normal position.


Low allergy diet; minimize sweet food, wheat, milk, cheese, food additives, contamination from copper (new water pipes), aluminium (cooking) and mercury (amalgam fillings), as well as lead and dead teeth.

Take vitamin B6, vitamin E and magnesium in high doses, in addition other vitamins and trace minerals, cod liver oil, lecithin, glutamine. Sulphur amino acids: taurine, alternatively cysteine; try raw egg yolk, mussel or oyster extract, black cohosh, copper salicylate. Minimize emotional stress, fluorescent or flickering lights, television, computer games. Neck adjustment, head and neck exercise, parasite cure, sanitize bedroom. Try reducing any edema or fluid pressure in the brain by taking 20 g of urea 2 to 5 times daily for several days (correspondingly less for children).

Eye Problems

Low allergy diet with plenty of fresh vegetable juices; minimize dairy products, hydrogenated fats, commercial oils except olive oil and sweet foods. For all conditions high-dose vitamins B2 and A (halibut oil capsules) in addition to B-complex, C and E and grape seed extract. All especially important with cataracts and macular degeneration.


The carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin are especially important for the macula and are found in deep green, yellow, orange and red fruits and vegetables as in tomatoes, squash, corn and spinach. In addition herbs eyebright and bilberry internally and as eye rinse. For clogged arteries in the back of the eyes use potassium iodide as explained for ‘clogged arteries’ under Cardiovascular Diseases.

Plenty of magnesium, zinc, chromium and manganese, sufficient selenium. Chromium and diet low in sweet food especially important with myopia/short-sightedness, magnesium with far-sightedness. A salty diet may be beneficial with glaucoma, also sodium ascorbate up to 5 x 6 g. For red eyes or conjunctivitis, rinse with weak solution of boric acid, possibly combined with strained eyebright and chamomile.

For virus infections make up a solution of 2,500 IU of vitamin A emulsion and 250 mg of sodium ascorbate per ml of water. Use 1 or 2 drops in each eye every 3 to 4 hours. If it stings too much then dilute as needed. Keep refrigerated and make a fresh remedy every week. This also helps with allergy-induced eye problems, in addition to sufficient vitamin B2. For cataracts use in addition to all of these also eye drops with N-acetyl carnosine (see the Internet for suppliers).

Use raw grated potato pack in gauze for irritated eyes and warm castor oil packs for weak eyes. You may also put a drop of castor oil or urine in each eye at bedtime for gradual strengthening. Be outside as much as possible without glasses or sunglasses, look at the blue sky, but avoid eyestrain. Minimize watching television, computer screens and reading by electric light. While reading frequently interrupt, look around and also cover eyes with palms. Preferably use natural daylight bulbs, minimize fluorescent lights except if special daylight types.

Do eye exercises: look up, down, sideways, diagonally in quick succession, circle, alternate looking at a nearby and a far object. Head and neck exercise, rapidly blink at the sun when low in the sky. Colour therapy: Frequently alternate looking at an orange or red light bulb of 25 W and a blue light of 40 W in a darkened room. Finally look for several minutes at a green 40 W light.

Headaches & Migraines

Basic Cleanse followed by allergy testing and low allergy diet. Minimize sweet food, dairy products, wheat and other gluten products, egg, oranges, tomatoes, additives, fatty food, chocolate, Brazil nuts, coconut, aged cheeses, mushrooms, pickled herrings, pork and smoking. MSG often causes problem, it may be disguised as hydrolysed vegetable or soy protein, chicken or beef stock or just as natural food flavouring.

Try magnesium if blood pressure is elevated, calcium and salty food if it is low. Try a strong coffee at the onset of symptoms (if not addicted to it). The herb feverfew may help. Correct any constipation or intestinal inflammation. Head and neck exercise, pressure massage of neck and shoulder muscles and around base of big toes, possibly neck adjustment. Exercise scalp muscles, rest, fresh air, walking, deep breathing and avoid stress. Trace gall bladder meridian. During an attack imagine and feel arms becoming warm, possibly soak in warm water. Riboflavin (vitamin B2), 4 x 100 mg, has been found to prevent 60% of migraines, use together with a multivitamin tablet.

High Blood Pressure

Most important low-allergy diet or allergy testing, high potassium and low sodium intake as well as plenty of magnesium, for females also calcium. Improve kidney functions, otherwise as for cardiovascular disease.

Hyperactivity (ADD)

Allergy testing and low allergy diet, minimize or avoid sweet food, especially chocolate, cows’ milk, cheese, egg, pork, citrus, soft drinks; artificial food colouring, flavouring, preservatives, chemical sprays, petrochemical fumes, detergents, strong perfumes, smoke, stimulants, aspirin; fluorescent and flickering lights and games, television, stressful situations.

In several trials avoiding food and chemical allergens resulted in a 100% cure rate. Frequently Candida overgrowth in the intestines (commonly following a course of antibiotics) is the original cause of multiple allergies, treat for Candida. Zinc and magnesium supplements are helpful, also vitamins C, B6, pantothenic acid, nicotinamide folic acid and B12. For attention deficit try ginkgo biloba.

Infections & Inflammations

Infections may be localised, for example, in the liver or throat, or generalized, as infectious diseases (including venereal diseases). They may be acute with sudden strong inflammations and fever, or they may be chronic and long lasting. Colds occur only if there is mucus congestion, and they are beneficial for removing excess mucus. Accelerate recovery by actively expelling mucus from lungs and headspaces. Colds can be avoided by using a diet that does not cause mucus congestion or by voluntarily expelling mucus - see ‘Mucus Problems’. Always do Intestinal Sanitation and systemic anti-microbial therapy. Intestinal Sanitation and systemic anti-microbial therapy.

DIET: During acute conditions, only fresh-vegetable juices, possibly also vegetable broths and strained rice water; if the body is not overly sensitive, fruits are good as well. Later, in addition, easily digestible, high-quality food, such as sprouts, raw egg-yolk, vegetable salads and cooked vegetables, rice and bananas. Select food with a favourable Calcium/Phosphorus Ratio. Avoid gluten products as well as sweetened, processed, microwaved and genetically engineered food, also any food to which you are allergic or sensitive.

SUPPLEMENTS: In acute conditions bowel-tolerance vitamin C with sodium ascorbate may be used. Professionally, a 3 per cent solution of sodium ascorbate may be injected intravenously. However, I prefer a lower vitamin C dose combined with magnesium chloride up to bowel tolerance levels - see ‘Magnesium Chloride’. Vitamin A is especially good with respiratory infections. Zinc is most effective as zinc sulphate lozenges. Other helpful remedies are vitamin E, propolis, and manganese. For improving the immune system: pantothenic acid, folic acid, vitamin B6, sometimes organic iron, selenium, chromium, acidophilus culture, freeze-dried thymus. Also useful are Copper Salicylate and Schweitzer Formula.

Virus infections generally clear up with a high intake of antioxidants in addition to selenium and zinc. Take 5 x 2 g of sodium ascorbate, 3 x 15 - 20 mg of zinc, 200 mcg of selenium, up to 3 x 2 g of L-lysine and up to 3 x 200 mg of alpha-lipoic acid [thioctic acid, may require extra biotin]. In addition 1 tablespoon of cod liver oil (emulsified with lecithin and juice), also other omega-3 fatty acids and a variety of other antioxidants, such as grape seed extract, Microhydrin or strong electrolytic reduced water, with hepatitis also silymarin.


A saturated solution of potassium iodide (SSKI) is an all-round anti-microbial. As a precaution when travelling take about 10 drops in a small glass of water and temporarily more with an acute infection. Caution: High amounts for more than a few weeks can suppress thyroid functions.


Bladder infections: Take the simple sugar D-mannose, half to one teaspoon in water every 2 to 3 hours; this eliminates 90 of infections within a few days. If it does not help then take 15 drops of SSKI (see previous paragraph) in a lot of fluids every 3 to 4 hours for up to several days.

Herbs: pau d'arco, prickly ash, golden seal, mullein, borage, marigold, chamomile, echinacea, elder flowers, peppermint and especially wormwood. Also have a course of the Hulda Clark herbal parasite cure with wormwood, clove and green hulls of black walnut. Aromatic oils: infections - borneol, lemon, clove, lavender, mint; infectious diseases - borneol, eucalyptus, clove, lavender, thyme.

ANTIBIOTICS: The main reason for destructive fungus invasion is antibiotic therapy. Candida albicans is commonly present in almost everyone but is kept under control by beneficial bacteria. If these bacteria are killed by antibiotics, fungi have the opportunity to spread and will seriously weaken the immune system, thereby contributing greatly to the development of the various immune-deficiency diseases (including cancer).

Other disadvantages of antibiotic therapy are B-vitamin and vitamin-K deficiencies and malabsorption, all caused by the destruction of intestinal flora. In addition, allergic reactions to the antibiotics may occur or boils may develop as a cleansing reaction weeks or months later. For these reasons, antibiotics should be used only when serious infections cannot be controlled by natural therapy. Antibiotic therapy should be accompanied by full vitamin and mineral supplementation, a predominantly raw food diet, including bacterial cultures and garlic (to control fungi).

COCONUT: The medium-chain saturated fatty acids in coconut oil are potent antimicrobial agents, effective against fungi, viruses and many bacteria. The most effective fatty acids are caprylic acid (with 8 carbon atoms), capric acid (10 carbon atoms) and lauric acid (12 carbon). They appear to work by causing microbial cell walls to disintegrate. Coconut oil appears to be effective within days. Start taking 4 tablespoons of coconut oil spread out during the day, and after improvement you may reduce this to 2 tablespoons for several more weeks.

Better than cheap commercial coconut oil is cold-pressed or virgin coconut oil. However, even this is heat-stabilised to destroy lipase. More effective is self-made raw coconut cream or milk: press coconut pieces through a low-speed juicer, or alternatively blend with water, strain and refrigerate. For topical applications and for those with fat malabsorption the lipase-rich coconut milk can be expected to be much more effective than heated coconut oil with only a very low concentration of free fatty acids. Alternatively, you may use lipase supplements with coconut oil.

FEVER: A great help in fighting infections by killing heat intolerant germs and strengthening the immune response. Keep it up with hot baths, hot teas and sweating. Very high temperatures may be reduced with cold packs around the calves, white willow bark and systemic purple colour therapy.

PROPOLIS: An excellent natural antibiotic from the beehive. For good results it should be applied directly to the site of the infection whenever possible. For a sore throat, for example, keep some propolis powder constantly in the mouth (between gum and cheek), gargle with propolis solution; apply it to a sore tooth; for sinus problems, sniff it up the nose; for earache, put it in the ear; for skin infections, apply it directly to the skin; for internal infections, of course, you have to swallow it. Some people are allergic to propolis. You may make your own propolis tincture: freeze-dry raw propolis (from a beehive), pulverise and keep it in alcohol for one to two weeks exposed to the sun; shake frequently.

THYMUS: This is the key gland of our immune system. Most strengthening for the thymus gland are propolis and manganese, as well as freeze-dried thymus. To strengthen the thymus, frequently tap with the fingers at the upper end of the breastbone and trace the conception meridian in the correct flow direction. Maintain a good posture and walk with long strides and swinging arms. Lemon (yellow-green) colour therapy on upper breastbone

COPPER SULPHATE (BLUESTONE, available from gardening suppliers): This has strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Collect any discharge from an infected or inflamed organ or wound in a medium-strong solution of bluestone and keep it there for several days. This may be phlegm, pus, bloodstained bandage, vaginal or nasal discharge or urine (in bladder or kidney infections). This will promote healing and can also be used with an extracted tooth or any severed part of the body. This method works on the same principles as radionics and telepathy with a two-way exchange of information energy between the body and any separated part.

ADDITIONAL THERAPY: Highly recommended are a Beck-type zapper with colloidal silver maker and magnetic Pulser, more information on this later in this chapter. You may also use overheating bath (with Epsom salts) followed by sweating; hot footbaths with mustard powder or cayenne and cold packs on abdomen and around calves. For colds or 'flu', hands and lower arms immersed in hot water for 30 minutes, keep the water hot; in addition you may chill the underside of the big toes with freezer ice dipped in salt. Generally, blue lighting on site of infection, blue-radiated water, topically south pole of a strong magnet, reflexology and ear needling of the corresponding reflex point. Auto-therapy.

Epsom-salt purges, sweating, induce vomiting, colonics. Packs of cabbage leaves or Epsom salts on localized infected or inflamed areas. Autosuggestion and visualization, right-brain exercises: tell your immune system to produce plenty of efficient B-cells and T-cells. Remove excess energy - energy healing, see also 'Mucus Problems'


DIET: Early, light evening meals, animal proteins sparingly; minimize sweet foods, salt, alcohol, caffeine and other stimulants in the afternoon or evening. Allergy testing.

SUPPLEMENTS: Vitamins B6 and C; nicotinamide (1 g at bedtime), especially if experiencing difficulty returning to sleep after awakening; inositol; lecithin; 1 teaspoon of milk of magnesia or magnesium chloride at bedtime. Keep a tablet of magnesium orotate in the mouth when sleepless. L-tryptophane (an amino acid) 500 mg. Herbs: passiflora, valerian, thyme; hops in a muslin bag on the chest or pillow.

ADDITIONAL THERAPY: Try a hot relaxing bath, possibly with Epsom salts, before bedtime or a cold pack on the abdomen when trying to fall asleep. The body temperature needs to drop during sleep; therefore use relatively light covers and keep the bedroom cool (but not cold). Sleep with the head in a north or north-easterly direction; use blue sheets, bed covers, curtains and pyjamas; blue, violet or purple systemic lighting at bedtime; unplug electric cords; remove drugs and chemicals from bedroom. Expose yourself to bright light soon after rising (best sunshine), but minimize bright light (including bright TV and computer screens) in the evening.

Frequent bowel movements, possibly colonics to keep the bowels clean; regular sleep autosuggestions when going to bed, relaxation exercises. Visualize a peaceful scene. Eight-two breathing or inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Repeatedly take three deep breaths, then hold the breath as long as possible; finally continue with slow, shallow breathing to retain more carbon dioxide. Most effective is plenty of outdoor activity without glasses. Try a long slow walk in the late afternoon or early evening, alternatively other restful activity - listen to soft music, meditate. Do not read anything interesting, no other absorbing mental activity or exciting movies

If you like to experiment, try the 'Eeman screens': place metal screens (approximately 16 x 10 ") underneath your head and the base of the spine. Connect the head screen with an electric wire to a piece of metal pipe held in the left hand, and the buttock screen in the same way to the right hand. Use the screens for 10-30 minutes at bedtime, lying on your back with the ankles crossed. The screens may be enclosed in a pillowcase. Balancing body polarities in this way is generally conducive to increased tranquillity and better meditation.