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Overcoming Cancer Part 2


Walter Last

From all your information on natural and conventional cancer therapies you develop a program, or plan how to proceed. That is your strategy. From each section you select certain items that appeal to you, and combine them all as your individualized cancer program. This includes your diet, cleansing, supplements and remedies, sanitizing your environment, physical therapies as well as mind improvement.

Then you need to decide how far you want to use just natural methods and which, if any, conventional therapies you want to add. There obviously exists a wide range of possibilities. Here I like to discuss the more important considerations based on my personal experiences and beliefs. I do not intend to convince anyone that my view is right or the best.

The conventional option

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, you obviously have the choice to opt for orthodox or natural methods or a combination of both. My opinion of surgery is that it can give some peace of mind, although I am not aware of any proper evidence that it significantly increases survival rates. The main advantage of surgery is psychological: it makes it easier to believe that you have been cured. If your belief is strong enough, and you adopt a healthy lifestyle, then surgery can be a quick and easy cure, especially for pre-malignant and calcified tumors that are commonly harmless.

However, if your faith is not strong enough, and especially if you have not dealt with your nutrition and emotional problems, then the main drawback of surgery comes into play. That is the increased likelihood of secondary tumors or metastases appearing a few years later anywhere in the body. Sometimes surgery also causes an immediate explosive growth of already existing metastases. If a tumor is not disturbed, then it tends to spread only locally, and can be more easily observed and controlled. It also tends to grow more slowly or may remain dormant with improved lifestyle.

Theoretically, radiotherapy and chemotherapy should have the same psychological benefits. However, the stronger side effects appear to negate this. There is evidence that they cause a high rate of death during and soon after treatment, and make it much more difficult for subsequent natural therapies to succeed. Any tumor shrinkage is usually temporary with much faster growth afterwards. That means tumors become more malignant and the cancer more aggressive. However, there are semi-orthodox methods of destroying tumors with controlled overheating as with microwaves or inserted electrodes that are much less harmful.

Chemotherapy has some success with leukemia in children. I believe this is due to an unintended and unknown side effect: it can also decimate the cancer microbe. The problem is that it also damages the immune system. While children often have sufficient vitality to bounce back, this is usually lacking in adults, and when chemotherapy stops, the cancer microbe quickly recovers and spreads much faster than before.

If you do opt for surgery, make sure by prior written agreement with your surgeon that only the minimum is cut out, or just the 'lump', without making an effort to 'get it all' by removing all the surrounding lymph nodes. While removing lymph nodes may reduce the likelihood of a local reappearance, there is no evidence that it increases the survival rate, and generally, the more is taken out, the greater the traumatic after-effects. Lymph nodes are essential for healing the diseased area with subsequent holistic therapies; commonly only one or two lymph nodes are affected, and these can now be identified and selectively removed.

Another consideration is to have only local anesthesia if at all possible. There is evidence that general anesthesia causes considerable damage because it knocks out the immune system for a considerable period. This is a major factor in the development of metastases, or the later appearance of secondary tumors. With breast cancer, and probably all female cancers, any surgical intervention is preferable between days seven and twenty of the normal menstrual cycle. A study has shown that with surgery in the first and last week of the cycle, it was four times more likely that cancer recurred and patients died within ten years.

Also avoid surgery close to full moon. At this time there is a much higher rate of complications from excessive bleeding. Use Maca, or Wild Yam, or any natural progesterone cream, and take licorice before and after surgery to block any growth-stimulating effect due to estrogen. Also take high amounts of vitamins C, propolis, grape seed extract, spirulina, bee-pollen, and any other helpful measures that you can think of at the same time. Have a Basic Cleanse before surgery. Surgery is almost never so urgent that you have to do it immediately, as commonly suggested by specialists. On the contrary, I am convinced that the better you prepare yourself for the surgery with cleansing, mind therapies, and fortifying your body with high-quality nutrients, the better will be your chance of a successful outcome.

Before and after successful surgery adopt a strict anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory program combined with a suitable cleansing program. Furthermore, there is evidence that distant metastases become established only after first a blood clot forms in the area. Therefore, reduce blood clotting by using anticoagulant remedies, such as magnesium (chloride), vitamin B6, garlic oil, grape seed extract, and plenty of grass juice or green leaf vegetables.

'Don’t touch it'

My position on tumors is to disturb them as little as possible. I would consider surgery or radiotherapy only if a tumor presses on a vital organ, or otherwise inhibits its function with an immediate threat to life. Needle biopsy may not be safe. A recent (2004) study in a prestigious US hospital revealed that compared to lumpectomy, this increased the rate of metastatic spread to nearby lymph nodes by 50%. An alternative non-invasive diagnostic method that becomes increasingly available and can often be used is thermography.

I believe that any disturbance of a malignant tumor greatly increases the activity of the cancer microbe, and is a starting point for metastases or secondary tumors to develop in other parts of the body. It does not matter whether all of the tumor and malignant lymph nodes have been removed or not. I regard it as much safer to improve health as much as possible and watch what happens, regardless of whether a tumor is deemed to be malignant or benign. Because of their slower growth and more normal metabolism, benign or low-grade tumors are often much more resistant to natural therapy than malignant tumors. I believe that the critical difference between malignant and benign tumors is the absence of the cancer microbe in the latter, but that can change with unhealthy living conditions.

If the cancer microbe is well controlled, and toxins are removed from the area so that the energy metabolism becomes more normal, then any tumor can be expected to shrink, or gradually disappear, or calcify and remain dormant. With this, you have an excellent indicator of what happens in your body, and how effective your therapies are. By removing this indicator, you may not know what happens until metastases appear anywhere or everywhere a few years later. However, sometimes tumors may still appear to grow with a thin outer shell, while the inside is filled with blood, and that can be somewhat confusing.

Unfortunately, also other and seemingly unrelated events can activate the cancer microbe and tumor growth, such as surgery unrelated to the tumor, exposure to toxins and to some medical and recreational drugs, severe stress, emotional shock, and having an infected dead tooth pulled out. In all of these cases health improvement measures, and especially anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory therapies, need to be intensified.

In most cases the cause of death is not due to any tumors, but rather to strong inflammations, combined with progressive poisoning of the cellular energy and protein metabolism. Both of these are caused by the uncontrolled activity of the cancer microbe; the stronger the activity of the cancer microbe, the stronger are the inflammatory conditions, and the more inflammation, the more active the cancer microbe. This causes a vicious circle that usually leads to a rapid end once the cancer microbe is out of control.

At this stage the symptoms and results are the same, regardless of whether any tumors are present or not, with much pain, and often fluid accumulations in and around the abdomen and lungs. The poisoning of the cellular energy and protein metabolism leads to increasing loss of body weight and severe lack of energy or cachexia. Episodes of high temperature or fever show that the immune system is still fighting against the cancer microbe. If tumors are present, then the strong inflammations cause rapid tumor growth and spread. Also nodules often appear in the skin, which may or may not be malignant, and are often due to a non-malignant condition called Sarcoidosis, which, too, results from the activity of the cancer microbe.

None of these events can be prevented or slowed down by removing or shrinking any tumors, but only by attempts to normalize the energy metabolism, as well as strong and persistent anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory therapy. However, if you had already medical intervention or decide to use it, that is all right as well. Just do your best and be confident that you will be successful. Furthermore, if you follow an intense anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory cleansing program before and afterwards, then tumor surgery, or other tumor destroying interventions, should no longer be a starting point for the formation of metastases, and might in some cases be beneficial.

Conventional or Natural or Both?

Most individuals reading this will be inclined to use conventional as well as natural cancer therapies in various combinations. However, the effect of natural therapies is different when used on its own than in combination with orthodox methods.

As pointed out in The Cause and Prevention of Cancer, P.G. Seeger has experimentally demonstrated that the virulence or malignancy of cancers can be reduced and even be removed with high-quality live food. Cancer cells can gradually be converted back to normal cells, especially with the Budwig Diet. However, the more malignant the cancer cells are, the more difficult is this conversion. Above a certain degree of malignancy this no longer works.

The degree of malignancy of a cancer depends mainly on the lifestyle of the individual. With good nutrition and balanced emotions malignancy tends to remain low, and vice versa. The main impact on malignancy comes from medical treatment. Drug treatment, exposure to chemicals or radiation, and any kind of chronic stress will increase malignancy.

With good nutritional support surgery can have a positive effect by stimulating healing responses, but a strongly negative effect comes from the chemicals used in general anesthesia. They compromise the immune system for several weeks afterwards. If the tumor has been cleanly removed and there is good nutritional and emotional support, then this may not matter, the patient may be cured. However, if there is metastatic spread or other tumors are already present, then these may start growing much more strongly and become more malignant.

Because radiotherapy and chemotherapy introduce an even greater toxic load and impair the immune system even more than surgery, they tend to increase malignancy to such a degree that nutritional therapy will not be able to normalize the metabolism of any cancer cells present, and the only option is their destruction. At this stage nutritional therapy is still important to support the body, but it is no longer a primary therapy. The more toxic therapies are used, the less the cancer will respond to nutritional therapy.

At this stage nutrition and other lifestyle improvements will only have a minor effect on the eventual outcome. However, non-toxic tumor-destroying methods in combination with nutrition and emotional therapy may still be effective in destroying tumors, or making them dormant, or reducing their rate of growth, minimizing pain and improving quality of life. 


In the following pages I have outlined my preferred cancer program, and also a variety of additional self-help possibilities. From these you may assemble your individual holistic program according to your condition, preferences and abilities. This then is your strategy.

From each Step you select certain items that appeal to you, and combine them all as your individualized cancer program. This includes your diet, cleansing, supplements and remedies, sanitizing your environment, physical therapies as well as mind improvement.

In addition you need to decide how far you want to use just natural methods and which, if any, conventional therapies you want to add.

To summarize the problem: cancer commonly develops because the oxidative energy production inside cells of the whole body or of a specific area becomes progressively blocked due to accumulating metabolic and microbial wastes and toxins. A tumour may then develop in the worst affected area, especially in response to an emotional shock. Whether it remains harmless or becomes malignant and life-threatening depends on the degree of microbial contamination of the blood and the vitality of the body.


Overcoming cancer therefore requires several essential steps:

1.   Alkalize the body to inhibit further cancer growth

2.   Eliminate harmful microbes to strengthen the immune system

3.   Cleanse the body of accumulated wastes and toxins

4.   High-Quality Diet to  increase vitality

5.   Correct any emotional problems – mind improvement

6.   Take steps to prevent metastasis

The following is an overview of these six steps, for details see the corresponding parts or chapters. In addition you may add some supportive nutrients, remedies and physical therapies according to your choice and the indications for your specific type of cancer.

1. Alkalize the Body

As a first step, while you inform yourself and organize your program, alkalize your body. When the lymph fluid is alkaline tumour growth as well as inflammations and pain are inhibited. Therefore, use sufficient alkalizing nutrients, including sodium bicarbonate and potassium citrate, to keep your urine most of the time above pH7, or between pH7 and 8.

2. Eliminate Harmful Microbes

All cancers are associated with pleomorphic microbes that become more widespread and develop more malignant bacterial and fungal forms the further the cancer progresses. This condition is commonly preceded by intestinal dysbiosis, systemic Candidiasis and/or anaerobic bacteria from root-canal filled teeth. All of these greatly weaken the immune system and the ability of the body to remove deformed and malignant cells. Apart from conventional cancer therapy I regard pleomorphic microbes as the main reason why people die of cancer.

Therefore we focus on eliminating the causes of microbial overgrowth and most of the pathogenic microbes inside the body. To do this we need to sanitize the gastro-intestinal tract by removing harmful microbes, especially fungi, and replacing them with probiotic lactobacteria.

Then we use suitable antimicrobial remedies, such as  iodine, MMS, hydrocarbons, borax, olive leaf extract, pau d’arco extract, wormwood and other supportive remedies. Some important supplements for strengthening the immune system are selenium, zinc, boron, magnesium, antioxidants, and vitamin D from sunshine.

3. Cleanse the Body

Most effective is a long cleanse of about 6 weeks on a small amount of fresh juices or purple grapes. This frequently allows the body to digest not only the waste products accumulated inside cells but also any tumours with a minimum of unpleasant side-effects. If your energy is not sufficient for a long cleanse, have a string of shorter ones, and at other times use a low protein raw food diet high in enzymes. Also improve liver, gallbladder, bowel and kidney functions. The liver needs sulphur to remove toxins. This may be supplied by MSM, alpha lipoic acid, sulphur amino acids and vegetables high in sulphur.

4. High-Quality Diet

Use plenty of fresh raw foods high in enzymes and in easily digestible form to improve vitality and restart energy production in blocked mitochondria. In addition use special foods and nutrients which strengthen the immune system and inhibit tumour growth.

The minerals boron, iodine, magnesium, selenium, and zinc are good for all cancers. Vitamin C should be high in the diet or may be supplemented, also important are natural vitamin E, the carotene astaxanthin, possibly alpha lipoic acid, and anthocyanidins in blueberries, and other purple berries and beetroot. Vitamin D is preferably from moderate sun exposure, niacinamide or vitamin B3 helps with low energy levels.

5. Mind improvement

Your expectations and emotions are the key to overcoming cancer. Do whatever is needed to feel good about yourself and the world. Release any emotional conflict shock and persistent negative emotions, and then focus on positive ones. Recommended mind tools are EFT, relaxation, meditation and guided imagery.

6. Prevent Metastases

Construct your program in a way that maximizes metastasis prevention. Metastases are promoted by stress, toxins, inflammation, and growth stimulants, commonly starting at the time of the first medical treatment. Inflammations are the main factor and mainly due to Candida, the cancer microbe, surgery, and overacidity. A serious side-effect is clumped blood or hypercoagulation which greatly impairs blood flow. This is due to an overproduction of fibrin which causes the blood to be sticky and promotes metastasis.

To counteract these harmful influences use fibrinolytic enzymes, raw foods and raw food cleaning periods, alkalize, control the cancer microbe, avoid the whey fraction of milk (IGF-1), minimize elevated blood sugar and insulin levels, take anti-inflammatory remedies (cooked food is pro-inflammatory!), and use appropriate emotional therapies. Disregard the presence of any primary tumour, do not actively try to destroy it, but intensify your healing efforts if organ metastases are already present.


The basic 6-step cancer program  is the same for all cancers but may be modified according to the severity of the condition. In addition, some remedies are beneficial and recommended for all cancers while others are of special benefit for specific cancers, see Chapters 7 & 8. 

It is equally important to avoid or minimise factors that promote the rise and spread of the cancer microbe, and those that stimulate the growth of tumours. Most of these factors also promote metastasis. Conventional research shows that basically all mainstream therapies tend to promote metastasis and tumour growth, mainly by increasing stress levels, fear, fungal overgrowth and inflammation. Therefore pay special attention to these factors when using conventional therapies.

The main sources of inflammation are surgery, radiation, cooked food, especially if heated over 100 degrees C, omega-6 fatty acids in seed oils, overacidity, and microbial infestations. In addition high levels of insulin, commonly due to sugar and high amounts of fructose, strongly promote tumour growth, and so does the growth factor IGF-1. The latter is present in meat and the whey fraction of all animal milk.

Happy Organ Functions

Further, to remain healthy our organs need to be able to fulfil their innate functions combined with a sense of emotional satisfaction. As a group, the great majority of all cancers are those of the sexual organs and glands. That may tell us something about the quality of sexual satisfaction in our society.

For women breast cancer is by far the most frequent one, and for men it is prostate cancer. In addition to the many hormone disrupting and distorting influences in modern life, there may also be subconscious dissatisfaction with a lack of normal functions. The basic function of breasts is to provide milk when suckled - perhaps too many woman have not fulfilled this function and their breasts are unhappy? May it help if a partner imitates the suckling function? With men it may be that their prostates are unhappy with the way they are made to function or perhaps do not function, perhaps they lack a feeling of satisfaction?

It may be similar with the next big cancer category, lung cancer. The lungs are meant to inhale clean fresh air. Perhaps city air, air conditioners, and car and truck exhausts make lungs unhappy, not to mention cigarette smoke?

Asbestosis and mesothelioma are feared as the consequences of inhaling asbestos fibres. However, the rate of mesothelioma, even after heavy exposure, is quite low. The long lead-time of 20 to 50 years suggests that it may be prevented with high amounts of vitamin D to encapsulate any asbestos fibres, using protective anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutrients, and generally keeping the lungs healthy. Treatment may use the same principles.

The last one of the big cancer groups is colon cancer. Food residues are meant to move freely through the colon and be eliminated the next day, generally in three soft movements or one for each meal. This prevents putrefactions and overgrowth with pathogenic microbes. Also we need to feed our native bowel bacteria with good food, such as the fibres of leaves and fruits. If people let themselves become constipated with chronic putrefaction then their bowels will get very unhappy and start deteriorating.

Managing Tumours

Tumours often shrink on their own as a result of a proper cleansing diet, and with antimicrobial and mind therapy. In addition, some measures specifically target tumours. These include preventing formation of new blood vessels in tumours (anti-angiogenesis), high-dose protein-digesting enzymes to digest the tumour, sodium bicarbonate or cesium chloride to make the tumour too alkaline, escharotics or cancer salves, and a long cleanse to auto-digest the tumour. For details see the following chapters.

However, these specific measures are only recommended to prevent tumours from growing and spreading, not to rapidly shrink or destroy them. I am not in favour of specifically targeting tumours for destruction. It does not contribute to the ultimate cure or survival, and is by far the most dangerous part of cancer therapy, regardless if conventional or natural methods are being used. Even surgery creates a lot of toxic debris which causes inflammations, and encourages the spread of the cancer microbe and metastases.

When tumour removal or destruction is  successful without causing problems, then it is usually because the cancer microbe was still under control, and therefore the tumour was more or less harmless anyway, regardless of the conventional classification. But if the cancer microbe was already at an advanced stage, then it is usually life-threatening or at least causes major distress.

The development of the cancer microbe is not necessarily related to the size of the tumour, and usually you do not know what the microbial condition is. So why take the risk? (This assessment does not apply to common skin cancers which I do not regard as being genuine cancer).

The main problem arising from destroying a large tumour is the generation of large amounts of toxic waste, especially if the tumour disintegrates faster than the waste can be removed. This causes major inflammations with pain, diarrhoea, nausea and severe weakness, which in turn greatly stimulates the spread of the cancer microbe and the development of metastases. This is especially a problem if the  tumour is  deep inside the body and cannot be easily removed. It may be less dangerous with small tumours close to the skin. Also tumours in the colon or uterus can sometimes be aborted without causing a problem. Nevertheless, strong inflammation is commonly present.

Inflammation can also be a problem with a breast tumour, especially if black salve or other remedies have been used to destroy it. Then a long period of bleeding and suppuration may follow. Persistent bleeding may be managed by covering the open area with turmeric powder and a pad on top, also SeaSorb dressings are good. 

When a tumour is safely encapsulated and more or less dormant, it is basically harmless, but when it starts disintegrating then one has to fight all the time to remove the toxins from the body and will experience major discomfort. At this stage bowel cleansing and detoxifying the liver with coffee enemas may show the best results.

Nevertheless, the safer and usually more comfortable way of shrinking tumours is by doing it very slowly, combining antimicrobial therapy with alkalising and repeated cleansing periods of one to two weeks. In addition use a good diet, recommended supplements or remedies, and mind therapy to replace negative emotions with positive ones. The happier you are the more unhappy will be your cancer. Probably the best way is to live as healthily as you can and forget that you supposedly have cancer.

Different Cancers

The basic natural therapies are the same for all cancers, but in addition, some remedies or treatments are beneficial for specific conditions. Most of these remedies are mentioned in Cancer Remedies, such as licorice for estrogen-related cancers; vitamin A for lung cancer and leukemia; beta-sitosterol, boron, magnesium and zinc for prostate cancer; molybdenum for cancer of the throat and esophagus; niacinamide for lung cancer; folic acid for uterine and ovarian cancers, and ginkgo biloba for cancer of the ovaries.

 Urea helps with liver cancer, and is good to prevent metastases with all cancers. The omega-3 fatty acids of fish oils (DHA and EPA) inhibit the growth of liver tumor cells in a dose-dependent way, the more fish oil the more tumor cells die. DHA and EPA also are effective with other cancers.

In addition bowel cancer benefits from intensive intestinal sanitation, including retention enemas of fresh grass juice, cabbage juice, hydrogen peroxide and other anti-microbials.  Cancers of the kidneys and bladder benefit from urine therapy, and drinking lots of strongly reduced ionized water, or water with added Mega-Hydrin; pancreatic cancer from adopting a diet of fresh organic juices (mainly grasses and vegetables), lung cancer from inhaling negatively ionized air, and breast cancer from avoiding milk products, and stimulating lymph circulation in the area. With leukemia and lymph cancers a raw food diet with plenty of grass and beet juice is most helpful, in addition to high levels of zinc, vitamins A and C, feverfew and fish oil.

Brain tumors require strong anti-inflammatory and diuretic measures to reduce swellings. A large dose of urea can be successful as show in Urine & Urea Therapy. Also vitamin C at more than 10g and preferably close to bowel tolerance levels is strongly diuretic while also destroying the tumor directly, especially if combined with proteolytic enzyme therapy. Even more effective would be twice-weekly vitamin C infusions. Other success stories were with pau d’arco extract, and with aloe vera juice combined with grape seed extract. Best use all of these. 

Asbestosis and mesothelioma are feared as the consequences of inhaling asbestos fibers. However, the rate of mesothelioma even after heavy exposure is quite low. In combination with the long lead-time of 20 to 50 years this shows that it can easily be prevented by using high amounts of vitamin D to encapsulate any asbestos fibers, using protective anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutrients, and generally keeping the lungs healthy. Treatment uses the same principles.   

Hormone-sensitive cancers, such as breast and prostate cancer, are strongly affected by monomers leaching out of plastics, especially bisphenol A and phthalates from plastic bags, plastic wrappings, linings of cans or tins, and polycarbonate bottles. Leaching is strongest with fatty or oily foods but not much of a problem with dry ingredients.

With cancer of the cervix or abnormal Pap smears use L. acidophilus intra-vaginally, high-dose B-6, magnesium and folic acid orally, and B-12 under the tongue (also get off the Pill).

 For skin cancers use escharotics (see Remedies) or just high amounts of antioxidants and fish oils, and dab halibut liver oil on the skin cancer until it disappears. To be successful and prevent further skin cancers you may also need to eliminate sources of chronic inflammation, such as from highly heated or browned food, allergies, overacidity and dead teeth. This is, of course, the same as for other cancers.


Tumors often shrink on their own as a result of proper cleansing, diet, anti-microbial and mind therapy. In addition, some measures specifically target tumors. These include preventing formation of new blood vessels in tumors (anti-angiogenesis), high-dose protein-digesting enzymes to digest the tumor, cesium chloride in combination with potassium to make the tumor too alkaline, escharotics or cancer salves, and a long cleanse to auto-digest the tumor. Use guided imagery as support. For details see the corresponding entries in the following chapters.

Cachexia is an unintended progressive weight-loss with weakness and muscle-wasting that is common in the final stages of cancer and AIDS. Commonly hydrazine sulfate is used to improve this situation. Also helpful are digestive enzymes with meals, high-quality proteins (spirulina, chlorella, bee-pollen, barley or wheat grass juice or powder), the amino acid glutamine, L-carnitine and plenty of fish oils mixed with lecithin. Because of fat malabsorption fish oils (possibly odorless varieties) and other fat-soluble nutrients (e.g. Coenzyme Q10) should be mixed and also rubbed into sensitive areas of the skin. In addition retention enemas or implants with wheat or barley grass juice or extracts of protein powders may be used.

At this point it does not matter if there are tumors present or not because cachexia is due to microbial overgrowth.
The immune system is devastated by the fungal forms of the cancer microbe that are now polluting the whole body. This can only be reversed with a concentrated antimicrobial program such high-dose Lugol’s solution with or followed by MMS, and possibly high doses of wormwood, olive leaf or grapefruit seed extract and pau d’arco, in addition to other remedies such as raw garlic, oxygen therapy, electronic blood purifier and magnetic pulser.

Anti-microbial therapy should be increased only gradually as there may be strong initial reactions with nausea and weakness from microbial die-back. A high fluid intake helps, and also the amino acids arginine (2-10g) and ornithine (1-3g). Both reduce ammonia generated by the destruction of microbes. Take arginine in the morning and ornithine near bedtime to improve sleep. 


In the course of therapy you can expect repeated short but sharp healing reactions. You may develop vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, weakness, fever, indigestion, strong pain, swellings and skin reactions. These reactions are a favorable sign and show that the body is finally strong enough to attack the cancer. The symptoms are caused when a shrinking tumor generates more toxins then can be eliminated. To ease the reaction, temporarily stop using digestive enzymes, cesium or other therapies in a way that accelerates tumor destruction.

The first reaction may come after days or after months on the program. The stronger the body to start with, and the stricter the program, the sooner it will be. Often a reaction lasts only for a few days but can be so severe you may fear that you are dying. Unfortunately, that can happen in advanced conditions if cleansing efforts are not sufficient, and especially if all cleansing stops when the patient is admitted to a hospital.

Recovery from reactions may be slow, especially if a tumor continues to disintegrate rapidly. Reactions are generally less severe on the Long Cleanse or when fasting as much of the disintegrating tumor is being digested rather than decomposed.

You may have bouts of high fever during reactions. This is an efficient method of killing microbes and cancer cells. Generally keep the temperature up, with cancer it does not go too high. The body has its own wisdom and knows what it is doing. Drink hot herb tea, put a hot castor oil pack on the abdomen, and remain wrapped in sheets and blankets, especially in the evening.

With fever, vomiting or diarrhea increase your fluid intake to at least three liters daily, including plenty of warm peppermint tea, which is soothing to the digestive system. Vomiting and diarrhea are attempts by the body to rapidly expel poisons. If much fluid is lost from diarrhea, vomiting or sweating, you may need to add same salt and other minerals to the drinking water, especially if there are signs of dehydration and low blood pressure.

Reactions can be eased with frequent coffee enemas. These stimulate the liver to release its overload of toxins with the bile. In crisis situations sometimes patients survived by having a coffee enema every 2 hours. Generally, take a coffee enema whenever you feel that the benefit received from the previous enema is wearing off.

In case of vomiting, or difficulty in handling any kind of food, try a broth made of 1 tablespoon of cooked slippery elm powder and the strained liquid from brown rice well cooked in plenty of water. Ginger helps with nausea, and also pressing a point on the underside of each wrist 2 – 3 cm below the hand.

Take liquids in small sips several minutes apart; keep in the mouth for some time. If necessary, nutrients may be introduced as a retention enema of fresh juices. Also press on the foot reflexes of the stomach and liver, and use warm castor oil packs on the upper abdomen. Take digestive enzymes with meals. Diarrhea can be made more bearable by taking psyllium hulls with a minimum of liquid, but not stopping it altogether.

Pain Relief

Most effective for general pain relief are a raw-food diet, fasting, or at least avoiding all food that has been browned or heated above boiling point. Commonly coffee enemas are being used to control pain by releasing toxins through the liver - see Part 4: Cleansing.

Making the body alkaline reduces or eliminates pain, see Cancer Nutrients. Also make sure that the lymph fluid is not stagnating around the tumor, because that keeps it acid and painful. Attempt to move lymph fluid in the tumor area towards the middle of the collarbones. For all tumors below the neck you may do this by using an inverted position several times a day.

For pain relief try blue light on the liver and abdomen and also on any area of pain. Use DLPA (d, l phenylalanine) 2 tablets of 500 mg 3 x daily for persistent pain, when it eases, reduce intake. For short-term or occasional pain try homeopathic Hypericum 30 C. Put several drops in a glass of water, and take a sip every 5-30 minutes, keep in the mouth. Also try Hypericum cream rubbed onto the painful area.

Try a position like a shoulder stand by leaning the raised hips against a wall or propped up with some large pillows. The longer you keep the inverted position the better. For a breast or lung tumor you may also lie on the bed with the head to the floor. In addition you may squeeze the lymph fluid along limbs and the chest with gentle squeezing in the direction of the nearest collarbone.

A strong magnetic pulser may relieve pain, a faster pulse is better. Use the south-pointing pole with up to 10 pulses per second. Also helpful is the south-pointing pole of a strong magnet towards the skin over the painful area. Leave in place as long as required to control pain.

Try hot packs of castor oil or of Magnesium Chloride or Epsom salts over tight and painful muscles or packs of raw honey or fresh outer cabbage leaves over the pain area. Even warm soft bread, possibly soaked in yogurt can relieve pain. Press the foot reflexes related to the painful area, press rather hard. Visualize the pain as a red-hot fireball that is gradually washed away with each breath of cool blue energy until completely gone.

Gentle touch is pain relieving, a gentle massage or lightly stroking the skin, or moving it in a circle and then moving to a neighboring spot, laying-on of hands, or just touching the hair or holding hands.

Commonly, persistent pain and other problems disappear after about 3 days of fasting. Take morphine only as a last resort (in addition to DLPA and others). It depresses breathing as well as the central nervous system, and improvement may not be possible while using it.

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 Caution: The information in this program has been provided in good faith according to my experience and understanding. I am not aware of any harmful effects with the described methods if used sensibly. However, I cannot guarantee results or accept responsibility for any side effects.