By Walter Last

Improve your Living Conditions and Minimize Pollution


Healthy living is the solid base for any health improvement. It includes all the habits that should become part of our daily lives. Our future wellbeing or diseases will arise from how we think, feel and live habitually, not from any occasional transgressions of the rules of healthy living.

The most important general principle of healthy living is to live in harmony with the forces of nature - to live naturally. This concept encompasses our environment, housing, clothing, workplace, exercise and nutrition, the water we drink and the air we breathe.

In the following section we will investigate various aspects of healthy living. It is important to realize that the concepts of healthy living often overlap with specific healing methods; for example, positive thinking, nutrition, reflexology and exercises may all be used for normal healthy living as well as for healing yourself. Therefore, keep in mind that the separation between healthy living and healing methods is rather fluid and somewhat artificial.

At present, most of us live in such an artificial and unnatural environment that it is not possible to remain healthy by simply living in the commonly accepted way. Instead, we must become aware of the multitude of negative influences in our environment created by modern technology and try to minimize their harmful effects on us.


Under this heading we may group clothing, housing and workplace as well as our city or rural environment.


Clothes are our 'second skin' and their material and colour have a direct influence on our emotions and wellbeing. This applies especially to garments that are worn directly on the skin. Except for occasional short-term use, avoid any underwear, including pantyhose and stockings, made of nylon or other synthetic material. Nylon seems to be worse than polyester. A less harmful human-made fiber is rayon which is based on cellulose.

Generally minimize wearing a tight bra, synthetic clothing, and even some of the newer heavily chemicalized wool or cotton material. A large study (Singer and Grismaijer: Dressed to Kill. Avery Press) found that women who wear a tight bra all the time, had a 125 times higher rate of breast cancer than women not using a bra. Women who never wear a bra have the same low breast cancer risk as men. A tight bra blocks the lymph circulation in the breasts. Therefore, if you do wear a bra, use a loose-fitting one without under wires and minimize using it at home. Also stimulate the lymph flow in the breast area by circling your arms, or massage around the breast, best while doing inversion exercises.

You may use muscle testing to discover whether a certain material or color is suitable for you. Generally, select colors that balance your emotional state: wear bright colors when you are low in energy and blue when you are nervous and irritable. Avoid murky and dull grey colors, and be careful with black.

Best are shoes made of natural materials and with leather sole. Rubber and synthetic soles prevent the discharge of static electricity and the absorption of beneficial energy from the earth. Walking barefoot for several minutes on moist grass or wet sand helps to overcome this problem and recharge our energies. Preferably walk as much as possible barefoot on natural ground.


Preferable are building materials that do not block the natural electric, magnetic and life-force fields of the Earth. Basically this excludes sheet metals and steel or wire-mesh concrete reinforcements that form a cage-like structure. This leaves stone, brick, wood, straw, clay and fibrocement as energy-friendly building materials. Chemically treated wood is problematic as well, some chemicals are worse than others.

It is also preferable to sleep under a roof that is not covered with metal, such as tiles or shingles. Most modern houses have aluminium coated insulation inside the walls and under the roof which blocks most of the natural energy flow.  This may be one reason why it is more difficult to recover from a serious disease inside a house. Most of us live in less than ideal houses, and we cannot change that but we can try to have frequent outdoors activity to make up for it.

Dowsers assert that sleeping habitually over earth radiation from underground streams and fault lines contributes to cancer. If in poor health, have your bed checked by someone who is able to perceive earth radiation.

Be careful with tinted glass for large windows as this may result in the wrong kind of colour therapy. New copper, lead and plastic pipes may leach undesirable concentrations of heavy metals into the water. Maximize natural fibres for your interior decorations and minimize synthetic carpets, curtains, covers, and so on. They emit pollutants, and accumulate static electricity.

Synthetic materials, fluorescent lighting and TV sets lower beneficial negative ions in the air. Open windows minimize this harmful effect. If cooking and heating with gas or kerosene ensure that combustion gases are removed. Many people are allergic to these.

Make your home a low-pollution sanctuary. Preferably use mattresses (futons) filled with natural fibres such as kapok, wool, horsehair or cotton; latex or natural rubber may be the best material. A cheap alternative is straw or hay from a pesticide-free source. Innerspring mattress may direct confused magnetic fields into the body, depending on how the spirals have been tempered. When moving a compass across the surface of the mattress the needle should not be deflected from its north-pointing position.

Synthetic foam rubber mattresses are not good either. They tend to emit toxic gases that may be a major factor in cot death. Wrap them in clear polythene with only a small opening at the bottom. Use natural blankets and sheets on top of the mattress. Even sheepskin is chemically treated and can cause problems. Frequently expose pillows and featherbeds to the sun to kill moulds and dust-mites. This can greatly reduce asthma problems. Alternatively, use an airtight pillowcase.

Try not to use steel-framed beds or steel-spring frames that deflect the compass needle, move the bed if there are metal beams or live wires in the wall behind the bed. Featherbeds may contribute to arthritis due to static electricity between the feathers. Try to sleep with the head in a northerly direction or otherwise between north and east. Our brain waves are slowest when the head points towards magnetic north. Cover your head during cold nights to minimize heat loss.

Sleep in total darkness or cover your eyes during sleep, as production of beneficial melatonin is interrupted by exposure to electric light, although moonlight and red light are harmless. Try to avoid even short exposure to electric light in the first part of the night.

If you live in a modern house try to sanitize it by minimizing the use of synthetic items that release chemicals, as for instance formaldehyde from glued material such as many carpets, chipboard or plywood. Avoid solvents and smelling household cleaners and disinfectants, tobacco smoke, mothballs and insect sprays. If the outside air is reasonably clean, good ventilation helps to minimize such problem.

Minimize Electromagnetic-Pollution

Strong electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) of about 50 to 60 cycles per second (hertz, or Hz), and the related electromagnetic radiation (EMR) are harmful. Long-term exposure can aggravate any existing health problem, especially lack of energy or fatigue, irritability, aggression, hyperactivity, sleep disorders, nightmares and emotional instability. Increasing numbers of individuals are becoming hypersensitive to EMR.

Chronic exposure to high levels of EMR, especially while asleep, is a constant drain on our vitality. It creates chronic stress, which interferes with the regeneration and healing that normally takes place during a good night’s sleep. For more information on health problems due to electricity with many case reports see

EMR exists around power lines, power tools, electric stoves, heaters, boilers, freezers and television sets when in use, extending up to several meters around the appliance. Keep your distance if possible.

Using an electric iron or an electric keyboard or working with handheld power tools can quickly drain our energies. When working with electric equipment we can reduce harmful effects by holding our hands under running water from time to time, in addition to having a shower in the evening or walking barefoot on grass. Try to minimize electromagnetic pollution, especially while sleeping when the pineal gland is most susceptible.

Preferably switch off all power points in the bedroom and unplug all electric leads with 2-prong plugs before going to sleep but definitely any power points or leads close to the bed. This applies also to waterbeds, which need to be switched off or unplugged overnight. Three-prong plugs may remain connected to power points because this allows stray electricity to flow off through the earth connection.

If the head faces a wall with power points or other electric wiring inside the wall close to the bed, then move the bed towards the middle of the room so that you can walk around the bed. When using an electric blanket, warm the bed beforehand and disconnect the power before you go to bed or better still, connect the blanket to a good earth. Do not habitually remain near a working electric appliance, and minimize fluorescent lighting, watching television, using video games, computers and even electric typewriters and hand-held electric tools.

Increasingly governments insist that we get maximum exposure to harmful fluorescent lighting. While flickering may have been eliminated in compact bulbs, the main problem is the unnatural frequency distribution of the light. This can be corrected with more expensive full-spectrum lights but these are cool blue and more pleasant if combined with a warmer light. To increase melatonin production for improved sleep, use only a warm light in the evening and avoid the blue spectrum several hours before bedtime.

Stray currents and radiating fields can still be emitted from electric wires even if appliances are switched off. AC electric fields do not disappear when an appliance is switched off, only AC magnetic fields disappear. Keep live wires away from your body. Preferably do not live near high-voltage lines, microwave towers or electric-train tracks. Alternatively take extra precautions to shield your home.

An increasing hazard is microwave radiation from ovens, mobile (cell) phones, cordless phones, keyboards and other equipment. Most dangerous are long-reaching microwave stations inside the house for phones and computers, or equipment such as a mouse or keyboard that are not connected by wires, but USB modems for wireless broadband are harmless. Also flat or liquid crystal screens are usually safe. With mobile phones use the speaker mode whenever possible. Do not routinely keep the phone close to your body.

Electro-proofing your house

The measures outlined so far will go some way to reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation or EMR on your health. However, often they are not enough. There is a simple way to check if your home and workplace are sufficiently safe. You can do this by measuring the electricity that is absorbed by your body. For this you need a digital voltmeter that can measure millivolts (mV). millimetre

Obtain some insulated electric wire that is long enough to reach from most rooms to the ground outside and attach an alligator clip to each end. Finally you need a ground stake or earth spike, a copper pipe is good, which you drive into moist soil. One end of the wire is clipped to a clamp at the top of the ground stake and the other to the black probe of the voltmeter. Except if the earthing has been checked and found to be acceptable, It is not good enough to attach the earth wire to a water pipe or to the main electricity ground stake of the house as they may carry high voltages.

To close the circuit you now hold the metal end of the red probe firmly in one hand. However, it is more convenient to hold a piece of copper pipe, which is connected through a clipped or soldered insulated wire to the red probe. Set the dial to 2 AC Volt; if it shows less than 200 mV that is good, and you can switch the meter to the 200 mV setting. Preferably the reading should be below 100 mV in commonly used rooms and on your bed below 10 mV.

Usually the reading is much higher, and you may get more than 2 V while lying on the bed. You can reduce this by moving the bed away from the wall, but mainly by using earthed wire-mesh under the bed or mattress. For  protection from harmful geopathic stress or earth radiation as from underground streams you may place an earthed aluminium foil under the bed with the shiny side towards the ground.

You may also sleep on an earthed electric blanket. Cut off the plug and solder or clip an earth wire onto all three-wire strands. If you want to keep using it for occasional heating as well, then you may attach a plug to the earth wire. If the bed has a steel frame or innerspring mattress then these may also need to be earthed. Earth any metal parts, such as window frames, metal wall cladding or roofing iron that show an unacceptably high reading when touched with one hand while holding the earthed probe in the other.

This is especially the case if there are high-voltage power-lines, microwave towers or transformers nearby, or power lines that form a right angle at street corners. Combine all internal earth wires to a main earth wire, and connect this to a long ground stake behind the house in moist soil.

It is also possible to get a good earth by connecting the earth wire to a moist part of a tree or large outside plant. If measuring the EMR in your bedroom is not conveniently possible, then just put some chicken wire under your mattress and connect it to a good earth (e.g. ground stake) for protection against dangerously high EMR or earth radiation.

An upper floor commonly has much higher voltages than the ground floor, as there is wiring in the floor as well as in the ceiling. To sanitize an apartment or office in a large building see Earthing below, or call on expert help.

Alternatively or in addition to these measures, you may disconnect the fuse or switch in the meter-box for the bedroom (commonly including all power points in the house) overnight. Possibly have a separate fuse switch installed for the bedroom, or a demand switch that only supplies power to the circuit when needed.

To improve your well-being while driving, and avoid road-rage or fatigue earth the inside of your car by leading the electricity from seats and large metal areas back to the negative pole of the battery: connect an insulated wire from a panel to the engine block, and also from the metal frame of your seat to a side panel, all connections need to be to blank metal.



In addition to minimizing the harmful aspects of modern life, we also aim to improve or maximize positive lifestyle factors. Healthy living is the solid basis for building radiant health. It focuses on the positive aspects of what we eat, drink, feel and think. In addition we use the great healers of sunshine, earthing, living water, and exercise as vital parts of a healthy lifestyle. For exercise recommendations see  


Sunlight is our primary source of life and provides a combination of bio-energy and electromagnetic energies. Research shows that living in a sunny area is associated with lower rates and better outcomes of many diseases. Examples are multiple sclerosis, depression, cancers, especially breast cancer, and even skin cancers, especially melanoma. In contrast, sunburn and fluorescent lighting are related to increased rates of skin cancer and melanoma.

Lack of sunlight in winter, or if bedridden, may cause depression, which can be cured by looking into sunlight and other suitable bright light, especially in the morning. This also helps us to sleep better; even babies sleep better after having been exposed to sunlight. Often look into the blue sky, this releases serotonin and uplifts our mood. Sunlight is also required to convert cholesterol into vitamin D.

Frequently expose your whole body to mild or moderate sunlight. Sit lightly clothed in the half-shade under a tree in the garden, on the veranda or even inside a room with an open window. Except in winter do not sunbathe during the hours around midday. Short sunbathing is invigorating but long exposure is exhausting and ages the skin. Strong tanning is not desirable.

Acceptable sunscreens are zinc cream and PABA lotion. PABA is related to B-vitamins. You can dissolve half a teaspoonful of PABA and 1/4 teaspoon of bicarbonate in a small volume of water and rub this on the skin. It needs to be re-applied after swimming or heavy sweating. To prevent it from washing off you can mix it with an equal amount of coconut cream. Prevent skin cancers by adopting a protective diet high in antioxidants especially astaxanthin, and low in seed oils. Avoid overacidity, and use protective clothing as required.

In addition to the skin, the eyes are important entrance points for sun-energy. J. N. OTT (Health and Light, Pocket Books) demonstrated with his research how important it is for us to get the full spectrum of sunlight into our eyes. This is not possible if we sit behind windows or wear glasses all the time as these filter out essential UV frequencies, and this has been linked to diseases such as arthritis, cancer and leukaemia, eye problems, hyperactivity, endocrine and sexual problems. Plastic does not absorb UV-rays.

Apart from the benefits of sunlight, outdoors activity itself also has other benefits. Possibly most important is being removed from the harmful effects of electromagnetic and chemical pollution inside modern houses, and instead being fully exposed to the natural energies and vibrations of our planet. Even if you are not strong enough for conventional outdoors activity such as gardening or walking, spend as much time as possible sitting or lying in the garden or on a veranda or balcony.


We live in a natural DC field. The surface of the Earth has a negative electric charge and the ionosphere a positive charge of about 50,000 volts. Near the surface, the voltage differs greatly. It is highest on mountains and in dry conditions where it can reach 1000 volts per meter, while in low-lying and moist conditions it falls to below 50 volts. Populations with exceptionally long life spans always seem to live in the mountains, such as in the Andes, the Himalayas and the Caucasus.

In buildings with metal roofs, steel-reinforced concrete, or aluminium insulation the field is near zero. In a high-DC field our wellbeing and mental abilities are increased, while in a low field we easily become fatigued and our concentration suffers. Another effect of the DC field is a possible imbalance in the ion distribution in our body when habitually wearing shoes with rubber or plastic soles. Walking barefoot, especially on fresh or moist grass, on the other hand, allows our inner polarity to readjust itself.

When earthed we appear to draw electrons from the ground into our body while stagnant bioenergy that may be present as tensions, inflammations or pain can flow into the ground. With this, earthing generates a positive shift in the electrical potential of our body and restores natural self-healing and self-regulating mechanisms. For more detailed explanations and evidence, including various research and clinical studies see

The best way of earthing is by walking barefoot, especially on moist ground. This may be grass or moist soil or wet beach sand, but any barefoot walking on natural ground is good. The best time is early in the morning when the grass is still wet with dew.

For those who do not have the opportunity to walk much barefoot, or in addition, there is the possibility of earthing by connecting the body with a wire to a good earth. This may be done during sleep or when working on the computer or at any other suitable time.

A basic setup can be used as explained earlier in this chapter for Electro-proofing your house. You may, for instance sit at the computer with your feet on a wire-net that is connected to an earth. This may be a ground stake or, with suitable caution, the earth connection in a wall plug. For a safe way of doing this see Alternatively you can buy such equipment at Earthing should be avoided during a thunderstorm.

Living Water

Water, air and food are the three main essentials to sustain life. These should be as clean and life enhancing as possible. In addition to minimizing pollutants, we can also take positive steps to enhance the health promoting qualities of water.

Water has the ability to attract and accumulate bioenergy. Bioenergy or life force energy is known in all traditional cultures under many different names, such as Chi, Ki, Od, Orgone or Prana. It can be seen or felt by many psychic or sensitive individuals. Water also stores an energy memory of harmful or helpful vibrations to which it was exposed in the past. This is the basis of homoeopathy. Our chlorinated tap water is polluted with non-biological chemicals and negative energy imprints. It is also devoid of bio-energy and so may be regarded as being badly polluted as well as 'dead'.

Contaminated water may be filtered, distilled or treated with reverse osmosis but it remains dead unless it is then energized to make it 'living' water that can improve our health. While polluted and dead tap water can contribute to the deterioration of our health, living water is one of the great healers.

Ideally, healthy, living water should have the following properties:-

·       Purity: being free of chemical, biological and vibrational pollution

·       Minerals: it should be well mineralized

·       Low Surface Tension due to the small cluster size of water molecules, becoming ‘micro water’

·       Antioxidant Activity with an abundance of negative hydrogen providing a negative oxidation-reduction potential

·       Vibrations: carrying positive, health-promoting vibrations

·       Bioenergy: being strongly charged with life force.

All of these health-giving properties are naturally present in sunlit, cascading mountain streams, and to some degree also in good spring water and seawater. Purity is easiest to achieve with readily available filters, distillers and reverse osmosis. I have no strong preference for any particular method as long as you feel assured that your purified water is free of chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, pesticides and microbes. However, most of these methods, in addition to the nasties also take the beneficial minerals out, while most filters do not adequately remove fluoride.

Purity: While now many filters are claimed to remove fluoride, it is difficult to know the truth unless an independent analysis is provided. Distilling and reverse osmosis (with intact membrane) definitely remove all fluoride. Do not habitually use commercial water stored in plastic bottles as leached chemical (e.g. Bisphenol A) may be just as dangerous as fluoride.

Chlorine may be removed by boiling the water, or exposing it in an open tray to sunlight, by mixing the water with some fresh green leaves for some time, or by adding a dash of sodium thiosulphate.

Minerals in our drinking and cooking water supply a sizable part of our overall mineral intake, especially magnesium. The body can become badly de-mineralized from habitually drinking distilled water, reverse osmosis water or rainwater (except if stored in concrete tanks). Therefore, re-mineralize purified water, by adding magnesium chloride and possibly colloidal minerals.

Low Surface Tension is a common by-product of energizing water. This creates small liquid crystals, forming cage-like structures of about 6 molecules. Due to this effect energized water is called ‘micro water’. It contains minerals in an energized colloidal form and stabilized within small clusters of water molecules, which makes them easier to absorb.

Antioxidant Activity: Antioxidant-rich water is now easily produced with water ionizers as electrolyzed reduced water. Positively charged ions (e.g. magnesium) and negative hydrogen accumulate on one side, making the water reducing (antioxidant) and alkaline, while negative ions, such as chloride and fluoride produce oxidizing acid water. Therefore, ionizers on a high setting can be used to remove or reduce fluoride in drinking water.

The negative charge of alkaline water declines quickly with exposure to light and air, and in contact with metal and soft plastics. However, in closed brown glass bottles filled to the top or in a cupboard it can keep for days and weeks. You can choose between through-flow ionizers and batch ionizers. Batch ionizers are cheaper, more robust and easier to repair, but more labour intensive, while through-flow ionizers are more convenient but more expensive.

Vibrations: Water retains a memory of vibrations to which it was exposed as an energy imprint. These imprints in turn influence the user of the water and may be due to chemical, mechanical, electrical or magnetic influences, or even to feelings, emotions and thoughts.

Some good water filtering and energizing systems impart natural rock vibrations in combination with a vortex formation.

In biodynamics the purity of water was assessed with crystallization patterns. The purer the water, the more harmonious is the crystallization pattern and vice versa. In his book The Message from Water and on the website Masaru Emoto shows in countless pictures how the crystallization pattern of freezing water changes when exposed to human thoughts and feelings.

Negative vibrations resulted in chaotic or confused crystallizations. As our body contains large amounts of water you may now appreciate what negative thoughts and feelings are doing to your health.

Bioenergy: We obtain energized water from fresh raw fruit and vegetables, from dew, rainwater during a thunderstorm, and water exposed to sunlight. A stronger charge results if the water is exposed to a source of bioenergy while in turbulent motion leading to vortex formations. A high mineral content helps in retaining this charge.



Avoid or Minimize:

Microwave cooking, frying; aluminum & stainless steel cooking ware.

Wheat, gluten, cow's milk products, salt, sweet food, soy products except if traditionally fermented such as miso; margarine, cooking oils, chemical additives, artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, soft drinks & commercial fruit juices;

Starches mixed with food high in protein or acids; smoking, habitual use of alcohol, drugs; pre-cooked or re-heated meals.

Chlorinated & fluoridated water.

Metal beds, innerspring mattresses, sleeping near live electric wiring or appliances; fluorescent lighting; synthetic clothing, especially close to the skin; mercury amalgam tooth fillings, root canal filled or otherwise dead teeth, metals inside the mouth; digital watches, metal armbands or necklaces or metal-framed glasses.


Raw, fresh & organic food; sprouted seeds (except alfalfa for sensitive individuals); fresh vegetable juices preferably using low R.P.M. non-centrifugal juicer; fermenting with acidophilus & bifido-bacteria, e.g. goats' milk or rice milk yoghurt, sourdough baking; freshly ground linseed; extra virgin olive oil; unheated coconut fat; sprout or soak seeds & nuts before eating or cooking; cooking in glass, ceramic or enameled utensils; eating soon after cooking.

Supplement with organic minerals, e.g. kelp; volcanic rock dust (strong energies); increase magnesium intake and trace minerals; lecithin with meals, hydrochloric acid supplement if fingernails are soft, alkaliser (alkaline ionized water, bicarbonate of soda, magnesium oxide or carbonate) with signs of overacidity; bitter herb teas, pollen, ginseng; pawpaw, and spirulina.

Explore and use energy devices such as crystals, magnets, orgone or chi generators, energize cooked or stored food, drink and water; water may also be energized with sunshine, volcanic rock dust or vortexes, explore ionized alkaline water.

Sleeping with head towards N, NE or E, preferably on natural fiber mattress (best latex, also cotton, coconut fiber, kapok, straw, hay) or air mattress, water in waterbeds should be energized; pull electric plugs close to bed for sleeping.

Outdoor activity, exposure to mild sunlight without sunglasses or sun-screen; press tender points on feet & body, squat for bowel movements, exercise, meditate.