Chapter 1-1 of Healing Foods by Walter Last


Initially, most health seekers are mainly concerned with overcoming a specific health problem, using a specific method or remedy promising the quickest result. However, in the long run and as we get older more and more health problems or diseases pop up and become increasingly more difficult or impossible to overcome by just using a magic bullet. This then makes the idea of serious lifestyle changes towards natural living and holistic healing more attractive, giving us a much better chance to become and remain healthy and fit right into old age.

I have no doubt that it is our natural birthright to be healthy and that it is actually unnatural to have a disease. A disease means that we or possibly our parents did not live according to our biological, social or spiritual nature. At present most of humanity lives in rather unnatural conditions surrounded by a minefield of technological and chemical health hazards. Even worse is our ignorance about the nature of these hazards that are mainly hidden from our awareness.

Therefore, in order to live more naturally we need to become aware of the main health hazards in our environment and learn to avoid or minimize them. We can learn from our own experiences and from those of others and we can also develop our intuition or ask for guidance through prayer and meditation. If in doubt about a choice try to imagine which course of action is more natural or more in harmony with our biological, social and spiritual nature.

The main biological influences on our health are nutrition, exercise or how we use our body as well as environmental factors. In addition to improving these conditions there are numerous natural healing methods to help us in our quest. These range from herbs and other remedies to working on muscle and bone structures and using electro, magneto and vibrational medicine.

 Become aware of the factors that cause our diseases


People in Western society are rarely healthy. Real health - the perfect functioning of all parts of body and mind - is so rare that people mistake the temporary absence of disease symptoms for health. Formerly, people suffered mainly from violent, but short infectious diseases; now they are afflicted with chronic degenerative diseases for a lifetime.

The main factors causing widespread health degeneration are as follows:

        Medical drugs, especially antibiotic use without antifungal protection

        Unnatural nutrition: food refining, lack of 'living food' rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes; incorrect food combining; unsuitable diet for our metabolic type

        Chemicalization: pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, medical drugs, food additives and toxic metals

        Electromagnetic pollution and radiation

        Lack of sufficient physical activity or exercise in natural, unpolluted surroundings

        Harmful negative feelings and emotions - and lack of positive feelings and emotions

        Harmful mental attitudes, lack of spiritual or humanistic goals, lack of faith

        Emotional damage during birth, childhood and adolescence, lack of positive role models

        Inherited genes of poor and deteriorating quality

The general sequence leading to the development of poor health and chronic diseases used to be as follows. 'Emotional injuries' received during birth and childhood, as well as negative attitudes and emotions experienced during later life, block the free flow of bioenergy within the body. This weakens the blood circulation and the glandular system, as well as the functions of affected organs. In addition, inherited metabolic weakness and poor nutrition as well as chemical pollution combine to cause an inefficient use of biochemical building blocks and poor cellular energy production.

However, modern medicine has provided us with a shortcut on this road to disease, mainly in the form of antibiotics, and mercury in vaccines and dentistry, leading to the widespread incidence of Candida, allergies, and autoimmune diseases. Diseases that formerly appeared only in old-age have now become common in young adults and children.

Metabolic Residues

As a result of this metabolic weakness and the overuse of unsuitable food, toxins and metabolic residues accumulate in the body. Toxins (toxic waste products from our chemicalized food) accumulate mainly in the fat tissue. Metabolic residues consist of protein debris, mucus, fatty sludge and organic acids.

          PROTEIN DEBRIS accumulates when we eat more protein than we metabolize. Small protein fragments clog up the basement membrane through which nutrients move into cells and waste is being removed. Also tiny blood capillaries and lymph channels become congested, contributing to a wide range of degenerative diseases.

          MUCUS: Originates from the lactose (milk sugar) in dairy products, from gluten (in wheat products), refined carbohydrates, egg white, molds and food allergens. Mucus has a special affinity to mucous membranes, causing catarrh, ear and sinus problems, respiratory diseases and malabsorption of food.

          FATTY SLUDGE: Mainly formed from oxidized cholesterol and polyunsaturated fatty acids, hydrogenated fats and trans-fatty acids but also by the interaction of chlorinated water with vegetable oils or body oils. It leads to poor circulation, senility and heart problems by clogging the blood vessels and congesting the lymph system.

          ORGANIC ACIDS: General overacidity contributes to the accumulation of organic acids in the tissues and induce inflammations and mineral deficiencies. Overacidity results from insufficient cellular oxidation due to Candida infestation, and by the formation of lactic acid after eating sweet food or food to which we are sensitive or allergic.


Wastes accumulate wherever the blood circulation slows down whether because of emotional blocks (muscle armoring), injuries, or insufficient use of muscles.

Up to 30 per cent of the volume of cells in elderly people may be filled with waste material, usually called 'old-age pigments'. This is comparable to 30 per cent of a city or a household being filled with refuse dumps. Just as dumps become infested with rodents and insects, the waste accumulations in the body provide favorable breeding-grounds for microbes and parasites.

Infections, and the inflammations which they cause, are healing efforts of the body designed to destroy any foreign invaders, in addition to reducing the heavy load of toxic and obstructive residues (mucus) accumulated in the body.

But the use of antibiotics in fighting these infections prevents this cleansing action and reduces our vitality still further, while the body's immune system - its ability to defend itself against foreign invaders - is simultaneously damaged. Antibiotics damage our protective intestinal flora so that Candida and other fungi and parasites can take over. This leads to Leaky Gut Syndrome with microbial toxins, fungi, and only partly digested proteins entering the blood, causing allergies and greatly weakening the immune system.

If the body is still reasonably strong, it fights invading microbes and simultaneously reduces the load of stored wastes. This is experienced as an acute (sudden and severe) infection, often in the form of a cold or fever. However, as the body becomes weaker and the amount of stored wastes increases the body does not fight any more. It will be content with limiting the invasion to a certain part of the body, and chronic (low-key but long-lasting) infection results.

Finally, the immune system becomes too weak to limit the chronic invasion and it becomes more generalized as in autoimmune diseases, cancer and leukemia. However, this 'invasion' does not necessarily occur from the outside. Especially in the case of cancer, it is more an 'uprising of germs' created by the disintegration of diseased body cells - similar to a revolution spreading in a country with dissatisfied inhabitants. This is the so-called cancer microbe, a fungus-related pleomorphic organism also active in most autoimmune diseases and AIDS, see

The German cancer researcher P.G. Seeger demonstrated in thousands of experiments that the virulence of cancer cells depends on the nutritional status of the host. Another interesting study found that viruses breeding in hosts that are deficient in protective nutrients, such as selenium or vitamin E, tend to mutate and change from benign into very virulent and lethal forms. With sufficient levels of these nutrients someone was immune against the benign form of the virus but not against the mutated form that came from a deficient host. Most of the influenza epidemics that periodically sweep the world with new virulent strains originate in selenium deficient parts of China. The lesson from this is that poor nutrition breeds deadly viruses.

Food Addictions and Allergies

Parallel health deterioration, closely linked to Candida and the weakening of the immune system, takes place with the development of addictions and allergies. These are extremely widespread in our society.

Whenever the body is confronted with a difficult food it enters a state of stress. The glandular system is induced to pour adrenal hormones into the bloodstream and this may be felt as an uplifting stimulation. Eventually, the body begins to crave this stimulation and this leads to an addiction to that particular food. In our society, these food cravings develop mainly for sweet and fried foods, bread, dairy products and red meats.

After many years of using addictive food the glandular system is markedly weakened and stronger stimulants are required. You then become addicted to alcohol, coffee, tea, tobacco or various drugs. Eventually, even these will not achieve the desired effect or only for shorter and shorter periods.

The body becomes chronically fatigued and disease symptoms begin to surface evermore forcefully. Some symptoms can be linked directly to incompletely digested foods that are absorbed through a weak intestinal wall this is then called a food allergy. Disease symptoms develop selectively in parts of the body with hereditary defects or in those weakened by subsequent misuse or injured by accidents.

Problem Foods

Almost any food, if used to excess by susceptible people, can cause allergies. However, certain foods such as rice and vegetables rarely cause allergies while others carry a high risk of causing them. These high-risk foods are called 'problem foods' because in addition to allergies they frequently cause health problems in people who are not susceptible to allergies.

People who are prone to allergies are generally overacid with a weak sugar metabolism and hypoglycemia or diabetes, low blood pressure, a weak immune system, Candida, permeable intestinal wall and lack of digestive enzymes. Alkaline individuals, on the other hand, rarely have allergies. Instead, they are insensitive to pain and skin irritants and may suffer from chronic degenerative diseases or become victims of an unexpected heart attack or stroke. However, the same problem foods are major contributing factors in the development of disease of both groups.

The main problem foods in our society are:

1.          Cows' milk and its products, also lactose added to processed foods

2.          Wheat and oats and to a lesser extent the other gluten grains rye and barley (beer!)

3.          Sweet foods, especially household sugar

4.          Hydrogenated fats (for example margarine) or heated oils and fats

5.          Stimulants: overuse of alcohol, coffee, tea, tobacco and drugs

These five groups should generally be used sparingly. Sweet and acid fruits, honey and salt are often incompatible with people of a certain constitution or metabolic body type. Also foods that are incompatible with our blood group often cause problems. In addition, food that has been genetically modified, heated with microwave, which contains pesticide residues or added synthetic food chemicals, is a potential health hazard. I do not believe in a safe limit for these chemicals, especially as limits are set for each item individually while ignoring the cumulative and potentizing effect of multiple chemical residues and additions.

Social and Economic Factors

With the present poor eating habits deeply ingrained in our society and the all-out chemicalization and antibiotic use in our lives it is almost impossible to remain reasonably healthy - and very few people do. Almost everyone has obvious or hidden health problems. From attending to children, parents and grandparents of the same family I have seen how the level of health rapidly deteriorates in the youngest generation.

This trend is also clear from statistics and general observations for anyone who wants to see it. Statistics showing increased life expectancy due to greatly reduced infant mortality are irrelevant for judging the health of a population. These figures simply mean that more babies survive the early-childhood infections, that we have better plumbing, and that more elderly people are kept artificially alive with organ transplants or on life-support machines.

But this is not health. More relevant statistics show that most people in Western countries suffer from chronic diseases and that the percentage of chronically disabled people is increasing rapidly. Arthritis, cancer, diabetes 2, and Parkinson's disease used to be diseases of old people. Now they are affecting children and juveniles. Health authorities so far have ignored the claims of natural medicine that it is the superior form of treatment for chronic and medically incurable diseases. The very fact of a high rate of chronic disease in our society attests to the inability of the medical profession to successfully treat these diseases.

This is highlighted by the embarrassing phenomenon of the falling death rate during doctors' strikes. Statistics show that whenever there was a strike by doctors, the death rate in the affected population fell dramatically. In 1976 the death rate fell by 35 per cent in Bogota, Colombia. In Los Angeles County, California, it fell by 18 per cent during a strike in the same year, while in Israel it fell by 50 per cent during a strike in 1973 (Mendelsohn, R.S. Confessions of a Medical Heretic. Contemporary Books). Only once before had there been a similar drop in the death rate in Israel and that was during another doctors' strike 20 years earlier. After each strike the death rate jumped again to its normal level.

During these strikes emergency care was provided. This means the patients who lived longer during the strikes were those with chronic diseases. They obviously benefited from a reduced exposure to medical drugs, operations and other technological interventions. There are an abundance of statistics, estimates and case reports of the great number of patients who are in hospital or worse because of disease caused by medical drugs and medical technology.

Selfish Motivation

However, our medical and economic leaders do not want to face reality. They brainwash the public into believing that the present health situation is completely normal. Finally and most importantly, the whole economic structure of Western civilization is based on the production and distribution of goods and services that are contributing to poor health. These include chemicalized agriculture and food processing, the pharmaceutical industry, technological medicine and the petrochemical and plastic industries.

The guiding motto for industry is 'profit', while for the consumer it is 'convenience'. The price for all to pay is the loss of health. This situation is the natural outcome of a society based on selfish motivation. A change for the better can only come when more and more people realize that ultimately they harm themselves with selfish attitudes.


Learn the Principles of natural living to restore your health


The first and most important step in reversing the deterioration of your health is to realize that you may have caused it yourself. Because of ignorance and habit, we select the wrong foods; because of laziness, we do not exercise; because of lack of self-control, we create destructive emotions. Therefore, only the realization that poor health is the result of a lifetime of wrong living - but also including the living habits of our parents - can initiate a real change for the better.

The next step is to find guidance on the road towards health. There is so much contradictory advice on offer that it is utterly confusing for the aspiring health seeker. Worldwide, the healing arts are in a state of chaos. The sterile healing monopoly of the medical establishment is beginning to break down and multitudes of different healers are rapidly filling the gap.

From this assessment It can be seen that disease is not something that happens suddenly - for example one day you are healthy and the next day you are sick because cancer has just been detected. Instead, your state of health has greatly deteriorated over many decades to only a fraction of what it might be in true health. Health may be measured as vitality, as the body's ability to regenerate itself. An indication of the inherent vitality of the body is the speed of wound healing or bone mending, and possibly hair and nail growth.

Find out by reading, listening, meditating and experimenting what is most appropriate for your own needs. Then start a determined healing program using careful self-observation. We need to realize that we can choose to a considerable degree how healthy we want to be and how long we want to live in good health or, alternatively, which diseases we are willing to accept for the comfort of satisfying our present taste preferences, and maintaining potentially harmful living habits.

Eventually with better genetic stock and improved living conditions we should be able to live an active and enjoyable life until the age of about 120 years and then quietly withdraw from the body. This is the presently unknown 'natural death'. For most of us who have serious inherited weaknesses and misused our body for many decades this may not yet be achievable. Nevertheless, better health is possible for almost everyone. The key to success is in your mind!

The Health-Improvement Program

Real health improvement requires the reversal of the factors that cause our health degeneration. We need to focus on natural living - good nutrition, proper breathing, sufficient physical activity, improved emotional and mental attitudes - as well as specific procedures, uppermost of which is cleansing, the purification of body and mind.

A fundamental aim of all healing is to provide the body with more vitality. True healing is always a holistic process, involving all levels of the personality - physical, bio-energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual. A health improvement program may include the following steps.

1. Improve your nutrition: Maximise unprocessed and raw food, and minimise chemicalised, refined and problem food - see Food Groups and Diets; alkalise the body; use food suitable for your body type and condition, and pay attention to food combining - see General Diet Rules; discover and break addictions and allergies; use suitable supplements.

Nutrition was the main tool with which I helped patients overcome a wide range of diseases claimed to be medically incurable. Unnatural nutrition is one of the main causes of our diseases, while natural nutrition is an equally powerful agent in curing these diseases and rejuvenating our body.

Diet rules are designed to guide us towards healthier eating habits. There are different schools of nutrition, which do not always agree on the same principles and sometimes even contradict each other, just as in politics, religion and other areas of human endeavour. My diet rules are based on the principles of the earlier 'nature cure' movement, modified by clinical nutrition research and my own experiences.

The less ideal the diet, the more are specific remedies, supplements and other therapies needed to overcome chronic diseases. Conversely, on an ideal diet, combined with antimicrobial therapy and cleansing, specific interventions can be kept to a minimum.

Improving our diet usually requires a considerable shift in eating habits, and re-education of our taste buds. It also requires considerably more time and energy for food preparation. For most of us this is not easy. Therefore, it is best to make changes gradually, first moving towards a high-quality diet, and then experimenting with periods on mainly fresh raw foods for maximum healing, rejuvenation and maintenance of optimal health into old age.

However, do not rely too much on 'expert' advice, ultimately it is best learning to trust your intuition and your body to tell you what it needs. If you are not addicted to a certain food but crave it, then it is probably good for you.

2. Eliminate harmful microbes and parasites from your body using antimicrobial remedies as outlined in The Ultimate Cleanse; an electronic zapper is good in addition to clean the blood.

Antimicrobial therapy is not only the first but commonly also the most important therapy for overcoming chronic health problems. Because of the widespread use of antibiotics most of us are now infested with fungi and related microbes such as Candida and mycoplasmas. These are at the very core of most of our modern diseases because they devastate our immune system and generate powerful toxins. This then leads to other microbial and parasitic infestations, Leaky Gut Syndrome, allergies, autoimmune diseases, cancer and a wide range of mental and emotional diseases and problems. Without an effective antimicrobial program all the other steps tend to give only limited results. After an intense initial phase, continue for a long time with a low-key maintenance program.

3. Clean your blood vessels to improve the blood circulation. Because of microbial infestations as well as accumulating wastes and toxins we develop chronic inflammations. These in turn lead to excessive blood clotting with micro-clots blocking capillaries, and fibrin structures combining with lipids and calcium to narrow blood vessels and restrict blood flow to the brain, heart and other organs. This results in stiffness, rigidity, cramps, muscle pain, hypertension, loss of memory, deep vein thrombosis, heart attacks. strokes, and generally declining body functions. These blockages can gradually be removed with proteolytic and especially fibrinolytic enzymes such as Nattokinase and Serrapeptase.

4. Remove metabolic wastes and toxins: drink plenty of unpolluted water or fresh juices; stimulate the skin, use laxative foods, colonics and packs; remove calcifications, mercury and other toxic metals, and have repeated cleansing periods, see Fasting and Cleansing.

Cleansing is needed to climb up further towards optimal health. Gradually our cells, tissues and blood vessels become more and more clogged up with waste products and toxins, thereby making our metabolism, blood circulation and body functions ever more inefficient. Periodic raw food diets are excellent to remove these wastes. To properly cleanse we need to take in less energy from food than we need for our daily activity, then the body is forced to start digesting these waste residues, and even cysts, tumours and other unhealthy tissue.

In addition, we may use specific remedies and therapies to focus cleansing activity on the intestinal tract, the liver and the gall bladder. A further challenge is the reduction of calcifications that gradually increase as we get older, causing stiffness, rigidity, cramps, hypertension, loss of memory, and generally declining body functions. Helpful are increased intake of boron, magnesium, sodium thiosulphate, and organic acids such as lemon juice or vinegar. See Fasting and Cleansing for details.

5. Improve energy flows and work out specific problems with reflexology, acupressure, massage, ear acupuncture, magnet and meridian therapy - see the relevant articles in Healing the Body.

Overall the aim is to facilitate a free flow of energy in the acupuncture meridians. From an energy point of view most of our health problems are due to blockages in these energy flows, commonly associated with muscle tension, calcification and emotional as well as tissue scars. Stagnating energy flows cause inflammations in front of the blockage and weakness behind it and lead to deterioration of associated organs and glands.

6. Strengthen the body with regular exercises such as yoga, tensing and stretching or suitable outdoors activity, see Exercises.

7. Create natural living conditions for yourself and your family by minimising synthetics and plastics, pollution and harmful radiation in your home. Cultivate mild sun exposure, walking barefoot, being in natural surroundings, see Healthy Living.

8. Learn meditation and mind improvement, especially guided imagery; learn expressing your negative emotions appropriately, and also to generate positive feelings and emotions; love yourself as well as your neighbour; adopt a positive or spiritual philosophy of life. Find a worthy goal or ideal and strive to manifest it, see Mind Tools.

9. Form or join a health or healing group to support and heal each other.


An important general principle in healing is to aim for an overall balanced condition. Generally, every condition within our body is the result of the interaction of two opposing forces. In oriental philosophy there are the concepts of yin and yang. Yin is female, cold and passive; yang is male, hot and active. In Western thinking we see body processes as interplay between overactive and under-active conditions, tension and relaxation, the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous systems.

As part of our healing, we aim for balance not only at the biochemical level, but also in our emotions and thinking. As an extrovert, for instance, aim to go inwards by meditating and learning to listen. If you are an introvert, then try to become more outgoing and open in your relationships and social interactions. The following table shows the general principle of opposing forces that rule our body.

Opposite body forces


sympathetic nervous system

tension, contraction

aggression, extroversion

anger, fear, activity

rapid pulse and breathing

pupil dilated, mouth dry

good muscle tone, body rigid

poor digestion

overexcited, hyperactive

high blood pressure


overactive thyroid/adrenals

inflammation, pain

diabetes, schizophrenia

parasympathetic nervous system

relaxation, expansion

placidity, introversion

resentment, rest

slow pulse and breathing

pupils narrow, mouth waters

poor muscle tone, body soft

good digestion

low energy, depression

low blood pressure



debility, weakness

hypoglycemia, allergies, arthritis



blue, indigo, purple

vegetarian diet

more potassium, magnesium,

lecithin, choline, insulin

sedation, releasing energy

magnetic south-pointing pole

deep, slow acupressure


red, orange, yellow

animal protein

calcium, sodium, iodine,

adrenaline, cholesterol

stimulation, giving energy

magnetic north pole

rapid, light acupressure


As an example on how to use this table, if you often feel tense, fearful, aggressive, or have high blood pressure, inflammations or pain, then blue colour therapy may help, or using more magnesium or lecithin, or applying the south-pointing pole of a magnet.


For overall health improvement I suggest that you experiment with different methods for each of the mentioned steps to find a combination that gives the best results for you. While there are many health principles that apply generally to everyone, there are also many individual differences, and even our individual requirements may change from time to time. Therefore try to be firm in regard to general principles but flexible in regard to you individual preferences.

By determinately following a health improvement program most of your health problems can be expected to greatly improve or disappear altogether. This then makes it much easier to overcome any remaining problems with professional help.

However, it would be self-defeating to see your health-improvement efforts as a deadly serious matter, as a 'life-or-death' struggle. Generally It is best to experiment in a light and playful way, exploring and getting to know yourself, and also enjoying life - even if it sometimes hurts. True healing means growing - learning and applying the laws of nature!


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